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Prosecution after alterations harm historic character of Grade II listed building in Peak District National Park

A married couple and a joiner have been prosecuted by the Peak District National Park Authority after making unauthorised alterations to a building dating back to the 17th century.

Christopher and Sarah Gillott, of Hurds Hollow, Matlock, pleaded guilty at Chesterfield Magistrates Court to five charges relating to their former home, The Lodge – a Grade II listed building within the conservation area of Winster. Joiner Simon Mcloughlin, of Greenhill, Wirksworth, also admitted five charges.

Due to the seriousness of the offences, Magistrates passed the case for sentencing to Crown Court, which can impose a higher penalty. Sentencing will be at Derby Crown Court on 24th April. (more…)

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Many residents will be familiar with the Limestone Way that traverses through Parwich but few will realise that 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of its formal adoption as a long distance walking route. Much of the path has been used for 100s of years but it was only in 1970 that the route gained recognition as a long distance path. The trend to recognise such paths gave rise to the formation of the LDWA (Long Distance Walkers Association) in 1972. To mark the 50th anniversary of the path the LDWA have been looking for ways improve the walker experience and facilities along the route. As you are no doubt aware the recent activity by OpenReach around the area has resulted in upgrades to cabling into the village with fibre optics, FTTC and FTTP technologies and the new GFast making the old telephone exchange obsolete. BT and OpenReach estimate that the exchange will no longer be needed from late 2019. This has presented the LDWA in partnership with the National Park, Derby Dales and Staffordshire Moorlands councils the opportunity to provide a much needed new facility along the Limestone Way without the need for new building work in a conservation area. According to information on display in the National Park office in Bakewell the telephone exchange will be converted into an information centre providing an exhibition of the history of the limestone way, a small franchised coffee shop and ladies/gents toilet facilities. The latter particularly important for the large number of young families and older ramblers passing through the village since the closure of the public facilities on Creamery Lane.
There are also plans to involve villages along the route in celebratory events throughout 2020.

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We have been asked by the Parish Council to publish the following –

The Peak District National Park Planning committee has rejected this Planning Application.

The reason given was that

“The proposed installation by reasons of its height and exposed position would appear as an intrusive feature in this open countryside location, detrimental to the visual amenities of the area.”

No further public consultation had taken place as the application was regarded as a “permitted development”.

Further details can be found here

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Clarke Telecom have sent the Parish Council photomontage images to illustrate the location of the proposed mobile phone mast. These can be seen on the Parish Council’s website here

It seems likely that the Parish Council will be asked to comment on the Planning Application at its meeting on Wednesday the 19th of July.

any comments on this proposal should be sent to the Parish Council clerk, Andrew Martin

tel: 01335 216238
address: Fernlea, Parwich, Ashbourne, DE6 1QJ

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People can have their say on future planning policies in the Peak District National Park as part of a new consultation.

The Development Management Policies document forms part of the Local Plan for the UK’s first and original National Park and will guide all important decisions on the use of land and buildings including locally needed affordable housing, business and community facilities and conserving the distinctive character of the area.

The consultation began on 18 November and runs until 27 January 2017. It is the last formal stage to make representations and the focus of comments should be on the soundness of the plan and the process.

How to comment  (more…)

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With the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday discussing feedback received and possible next steps I’m a little concerned that many people may have missed the information posted here on the blog as these posts have now disappeared down the page.

I think it’s worth pointing to the information concerning the proposal and also issues and concerns raised in comments on the blog.

The Council website pages has a comprehensive set of information concerning the plans which can be found here

A number of people have expressed concerns to us and have quoted the Mast Sanity site as a good starting point for researching possible negative consequences of a mast so close to the village. Their information on masts can be found here

Mast Sanity and other research expresses concerns regarding health issues for residents within 400m of a mast. Others such as the Government and the NHS say  there are no health issues.

just for interest, here’s the plan of Parwich with 100metre distances from the proposed mast location that was posted previously in a comment.


In posting this I wish to make clear I am neither endorsing nor opposing the mast plans but merely seeking to make sure residents of the village are aware and can find the relevant information.

Steve J

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Mobile Phone Mast

The following images were taken today at the proposed site of the telecommunications structure which will be 12.5 meters to the top.  This was done to assist visualising the height of the mast, the exercise can be repeated again if anyone is interested to see if the mast would be visible from their property.

Note: the object used to measure the height is 30 cm taller than the proposed mast.


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Mobile phone mast update

This is a copy of the consultation letter sent to a few residents, who presumably will be in the line of sight of the telecommunications structure. 

Radio Mast Sheet 1
Radio Mast Sheet 2
Radio Mast Sheet 3

Click on the above images to enlarge

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Ballidon Quarry Exhibition

Lafarge Tarmac are keeping the planning application display relating to Ballidon Quarry up from last week for a few more days:

We are intending for the exhibition to remain up until next Thursday 16th. Should any one wish to view on their own they are welcome to go up at any time. If the door is locked a key can be obtained from reception.

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Lafarge Tarmac, operators of Ballidon Quarry, are intending to make a planning application to the Peak District National Park to modify the existing restoration and development schemes at the Quarry with the intention of providing significantly enhanced restoration.

These proposals are reserve neutral and will not extend the end date of operation estimated at approximately 15 years.

An exhibition to illustrate these proposals will be held at Ballidon Quarry on Tuesday 31st March 2015 with Lafarge Tarmac staff being available to answer questions and explain the proposals in more detail. The exhibition will run from 16.30 to 19.30.

More information about this exhibition has been been circulated to those on the local Electoral Roll. Everyone is welcome to attend the exhibition. Click here to view the invite for the exhibition.

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Landmark decision on solar panels in Peak District National Park

National Park planners have given permission for an array of 600 solar panels to be installed on the ground at a Peak District farm.

This is the first time an application for ground-mounted photovoltaic panels has come before the national park planning committee.

Its members voted unanimously to approve the installation at Wetwood Farm, Meerbrook, because of its minimal impact on the surrounding landscape, and for its positive contribution to providing renewable energy to a local business.

Members of the committee had visited the site the day before and viewed it from a number of locations, including The Roaches. They were satisfied the panels’ installation on the ground, which is shielded from view by trees, would not be unduly intrusive.

Paul Ancell, chair of the Peak District National Park’s planning committee, said: “This is an important decision and one we have not taken lightly – we have to put the landscape first. In this case we believe the ground array of solar panels will not have a significant impact on the national park. So we are pleased to support this working dairy farm in reducing its carbon footprint.”

The approval was given with conditions: that the farmer ensures existing trees and shrubs are retained and more planted to continue to protect the site from long distance views. The panels will also have an anti-reflective finish to reduce any glare.

The planning committee considers every application on its own merits.

Mr Ancell added: “Every site has its own solution – what is acceptable here may not be appropriate in other locations. However, that said, this is a great example of how a farm business can achieve its ambitions with renewable energy in a way that does not harm the Peak District National Park.”

At the meeting, an application for a wind turbine at Pikehall Farm, Pikehall was refused to protect the landscape and uninterrupted views of the White Peak limestone plateau.

The application, made by Hartington Creamery Ltd., was turned down because the wind turbine would have been seen on the skyline spoiling the scenic beauty.

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PPC planning sub-com mtg 14may14

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PPC planning sub-com mtg 14may14

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How does the planning enforcement process work in the Peak District National Park?

National park planners have issued the Peak District Local Enforcement Plan to help people understand what to do if they receive a notice that their building work or change of use breaks planning controls, or if they want to report a suspected breach.

Andrew Cook, Monitoring and Enforcement Manager, explained: “The threat of enforcement action can be distressing, especially when it relates to your home or business, and the process can be difficult to understand, so we hope that the Local Enforcement Plan will help to make things clearer for those involved.

“It’s important to realise that the vast majority of planning breaches are relatively minor and resolved without formal action being taken, although we will take firm action when it is warranted.

“If you are planning to carry out building works or other developments we’d encourage you to work with our planners to prevent problems happening in the first place.  But if problems do occur we are always willing to talk to you to try to reach a resolution.”

The document explains what a breach of planning control is, how to report a suspected breach, the investigation process, criteria used to prioritise cases, in what circumstances the Authority takes action, and what powers it has.

The Peak District Local Enforcement Plan is available online at or paper copies are available free – call 01629 816200.

As well as investigating and seeking to resolve planning breaches, monitoring and enforcement officers selectively check sites where planning permission has been granted to see if they comply with the approved plans and conditions.

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Have your say on building design advice in the Peak District National Park

People are being asked their views on planning guidance for alterations and extensions to houses and on the design of shop fronts in the national park.

The Peak District National Park Authority is inviting members of the public and other stakeholders, such as local businesses, parish councils, planning agents, interest groups, statutory bodies, conservation organisations, to comment on two new design documents:

• Alterations and Extensions is detailed design guidance for householders and developers. It sets out the Authority’s approach to dealing with changes to doors, windows, rooflights and parking, as well as additions such as porches, garages and conservatories. (more…)

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Proposed planning reforms threaten national park, says Authority

The Peak District National Park Authority is appealing for exemption from Government proposals to allow farm buildings to be converted to housing, schools or nurseries without planning permission.

The Government is consulting planning authorities across England on its proposals to allow the conversion or demolition of farm buildings to create up to three houses or a state school or nursery without planning permission. It follows recent changes which already allow farm buildings to be converted into shops or offices, and for offices to be turned into homes, without planning permission. (more…)

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Solar Panels in the Park


The Peak Park Authority, in consultation with the other National Parks, has issued a pamphlet on the design and siting of solar panels for the National Park (click on the image to the right to see the leaflet on line).

For an overview of alternative energy sources click here for Jane B’s excellent review.

Do note that for most domestic buildings solar panels are permitted development and do not need planning consent. However for listed buildings planning will be required, so this leaflet should be very helpful.

For more information on the Peak Park’s guidance (more…)

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New pre-application advice service from national park planners

The Peak District National Park Authority is introducing a new pre-application advice service for people considering development of their property or land. The service, which includes appointments with allocated planning officers, will improve on previous ‘drop-in’ sessions when only general information could be given. From  February 18, people who need advice should initially contact the Authority’s Customer Service Team on 01629 816200 or


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According to details on the PDNPA website, planning permission has been granted for two wind turbines at Hill Top Farm, each at a tower height of 24.5m, with a further 9m rotor radius. This is smaller than the originally rejected proposal, which measured 48.4m from base to blade tip. Note also that this is a time-limited consent, which expires after 25 years.

Click here to read the letter of notification, and click here for links to all the publicly available documentation.

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Free business workshop on renewables and climate change
Business people wanting to future-proof against climate change and learn about energy-saving can go along to a free half-day training workshop.

Business Peak District is holding the workshop at Beechenhill Farm, Ilam, near Ashbourne, whose environmentally-friendly farming and holiday business has just been shortlisted for a Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism award.

People who attend the workshop will learn about key steps to saving energy, installing renewable technology and how to make their businesses more resilient to climate change. (more…)

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Residents, businesses and interest groups are asked to give their views on a range of proposed new planning policies for the Peak District National Park.

The National Park Authority is running a 12-week public consultation on development management policies that will be used to make decisions on planning applications for the next 14 years. The consultation runs from Monday September 24 to Sunday December 16.

Policies in the Development Management consultation document cover: landscape and conservation; housing; shops, services and community facilities; economy; recreation and tourism; utilities; minerals; waste management; transport; and Bakewell. (more…)

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Parwich Parish Council
Planning Sub Committee Meeting
at 1 Croft Ave on Sunday 19th August – 5pm

Peak Park have asked Parwich Parish Council to re-examine planning application number: NP/DDD/0312/0264 & NP/DDD/0312/0266 (Installation of air-to-air units at ten flats on Smithy Close and four flats on Rathborne Croft) in the light of new advice from Environmental Health.  As this application requires a response from the Council before the next scheduled meeting in September a subcommittee meeting has been arranged. This meeting is open to the public.  If you wish to attend please leave a message on 665.  Depending on numbers there may be occasions when the subcommittee will have to relocate and hire the Memorial Hall.

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Parwich Parish Council

Planning Sub Committee Meeting
at 1 Croft Ave on Sunday 29th July – 10am

To discuss this planning application (Erection of an agricultural building on Dam Lane) which requires a response from the Council before the next scheduled meeting in September.  This meeting is open to the public.

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The following statement was issued today by the Peak District National Park Authority. This relates to the recent planning application for a wind turbine at Hill Top Farm. (more…)

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Free Planning Roadshow

The proposed changes to the Planning system with particular reference to how communities can shape the future of the areas in which they live and work through engaging in the Planning System in Derbyshire, is to be addressed by a series of Roadshows across the County, with three further training events in December 2011 and January/February 2012, led by the Derbyshire County Training Partnership.

The training events will be free of charge and have been arranged in consultation with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and form part of the National Programme of training made possible by Government Grant.

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People who cannot get to Peak District National Park HQ during normal office hours can speak to planners at an evening planning surgery on Wednesday November 2.

The National Park Authority has organised the planning surgery from 5pm to 8pm at its head office, Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, DE45 1AE.

People may seek general advice about a development they have in mind, or discuss one that affects them, or suggest ideas on how planning could help communities.

They can either book 20-minute appointments on 01629 816200 or   or they can just drop in and be prepared to wait.

Senior planning officers will be available along with John Herbert, chair of the authority’s planning committee.

John Herbert said: “We want to make it easier for residents to have a face-to-face discussion about a planning issue that concerns them. It’s often difficult for people who have other responsibilities during the day to speak to officers in normal office-hours.

“Officers will be there to advise on individual planning cases which as an authority member I cannot discuss, but I do want to hear residents’ views about planning in general. We’re very keen, as we make improvements in the planning service, that we have as many links with people in local communities as possible.”

Anyone who needs planning advice during office hours can contact the authority’s customer service team or they can see a duty planning officer any weekday between 9.15am and 12.45pm at Aldern House. Phone 01629 816200 or email .

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The planning application from Robert Gosling at Hill Top Farm has been registered with Peak District National Park. Application number: NP/DDD/0911/0933 Proposal: Erection of a single wind turbine and stone build plant rooms.

All the planning documents can been seen on the National Park website or by visiting the Peak Park at Bakewell.

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On Tuesday 17th May Robert Gosling of Hill Top Farm organised an open exhibition regarding his proposals for a wind turbine to be located at his farm.  He originally sent a letter into explaining the reasoning behind this plan.  

This post is the reply from Robert Gosling to questions raised on and also to questionnaire responses.

1.  Can we see the other photomontage locations?

     We used a selection which gave a representative view.  All
     photomontages are below with the map showing the relative
     All photos in this section can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Map showing the location of the photomontages.


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Robert Gosling posted this as a comment.

Many thanks to those of you who attended our display on 17th May, we were very pleased with the discussions and conversations on the night. Many of you have filled in questionnaires and returned them to us. These, along with the posts on the blog have given us a range of questions, comments and suggestions which we will respond to once we have got silaging out of the way. In the meantime please continue to return the questionnaires or leave comments and suggestions on the blog. We will post the results of these by the 17th June on

You can access a copy of this questionnaire, in Word format, by clicking here.

You can either print out a copy and deliver it to Robert Gosling at Hill Top Farm, Parwich (DE6 1QE), or you can save and edit the document, then email it to

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For those who were unable to attend today’s meeting in the Memorial Hall, here are copies of the display boards, in PDF format. These provide detailed information regarding the proposal.

Use left-click to open the files in your browser, or right-click to save copies to your own computer.

Click here for the main set of boards.
Click here for a supplementary board.

Note as that the main set of boards is a large PDF file (7 megabytes), there might be a brief delay in opening it.

Copies of a questionnaire were also distributed at the meeting. You can access a copy of this questionnaire, in Word format, by clicking here.

You can either print out a copy and deliver it to Robert Gosling at Hill Top Farm, Parwich (DE6 1QE), or you can save and edit the document, then email it to

Although comments on Robert Gosling’s initial open letter were switched off prior to today’s meeting, there will be no further restrictions, other than the usual guidelines contained in our commenting policy.

PARWICH.ORG will be maintaining a neutral stance on this proposal. Any views expressed by indivdual members of the blog team should not necessarily be taken as representative of the team as a whole.

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Robert Gosling at Hill Top Farm invites everyone to a meeting tomorrow to discuss the proposal plan which he outlined in an earlier post. Pop into the Memorial Hall anytime between 6pm and 9pm tomorrow, Tuesday 17th May.

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We have received the following open letter to all village residents, from Robert Gosling at Hill Top Farm. There will be a meeting, to which you are all invited, to discuss the proposal plan which he outlines below, pop into the Memorial Hall anytime between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesday 17th May.

Dear Resident,

You may be aware of my family farm at Hill Top Farm, either because you know me or a member of my family, or because you have walked or driven past the farm.

My family have in fact farmed in the Peak District for over 100 years, and from Hill Top Farm in particular since 1963. We have one full time and one part time employee to help my family manage a dairy herd of some 400 cows with 400 beef/follower cattle, and we farm approximately 765 acres of land.

The family are extremely interested in the environment. The farm is in the Uplands Entry Level Stewardship Scheme. The farm has also participated in a number of Peak Park Farm and Countryside initiatives for over 20 years (including over 2km of dry stone wall restoration, tree planting, daleside management etc). Linked to the environmental management of the farm, the business is also in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone and the family have therefore invested in precision slurry application equipment to significantly reduce the use of artificial fertilizer and make better use of the farm’s own natural slurry. (more…)

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Peak District National Park residents can talk about planning issues with senior planning managers on Tuesday March 29th.

The Peak District National Park Authority has organised a planning surgery at Cliff College, near Calver. Residents can book 20-minute private appointments between 4pm and 8pm to discuss planning cases or suggest ideas on how planning could improve communities.

Any national park resident can book an appointment by contacting the authority’s customer service team on 01629 816200 or  before Friday March 25th.  The sessions will be held in the Chatsworth Room at Cliff College, off the A623 Baslow Road.

John Herbert,  chair of the authority’s planning committee said: “This event is an opportunity for any national park resident to have a 20-minute private appointment talking about a planning issue and for us to also learn lessons from past planning cases.

The authority is also keen to hear about past cases or how people think planning can improve community life.

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The Peak District National Park Authority start today their public consultation on their new Core Strategy for the Local Development Framework.  This is the policy document that is used to inform their planning decisions.  The focus of this consultation is on their website, where there is an on-line survey, with various background and ‘preferred option’ documents.

Assimilating all the information and implications of such consultations can be hard work.  Anyone who wants to help summarise the information to ensure as many people as possible are aware of what is being proposed, please let us know either by commenting below or emailing   Also sharing comments on the process often helps others clarify their views so please do add your own comments or email them in to create further posts.

It is important that as many Park residents as possible have their say if we are to influence future planning decisions.  The Authority does not always recognise the level of self-employment and the number of small businesses in communities such as ours.  Although it is important to preserve our beautiful scenery and fine old buildings it is also important we ensure the Authority recognises what is required to ensure our communities continue to flourish.

Also increasingly the Authority is relying on the internet for their public consultations, so do let anyone you know, who might want to comment but is not on-line, about this consultation.

For the Authority’s full press release (more…)

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The web pages here at PARWICH.ORG for the Parwich Village Action Group have been updated, along with links to the 2004 Village Management Plan and the previous surveys and reviews that it is based on.

The Management Plan has aims relating to:

The Plan is due for revision, especially given all the changes in the Village over the last five years.  Also the Peak District National Park Authority are keen that we look at our community taking the lead in developing a Management Plan for the Parwich Conservation Area, following on from last year’s Appraisal by the Peak Park Authority.  Parwich Parish Council also supports looking at this.

We are keen for more people to be involved in the Village Action Group, but also we are keen for suggestions as to how we should establish what village residents see as the current priorities.  We are reluctant to undertake yet another questionnaire, and would welcome ideas for alternative ways of gathering people’s views.

Peter Trewhitt (outgoing Chair)

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The PDNPA Planning Officers, using their delegated powers, have conditionally granted planning permission for change of use of the former Spar Shop in Parwich to domestic residential.

After over one hundred years of trading, the Shop had closed in February 2008. The current planning consent (application number NP/DDD/0509/0370) means the whole building can now be used as a single dwelling. The conditions imposed are:

  • No alterations to the external appearance of the dwelling (other than included in the current application) shall be carried out and no extensions, porches or ancillary buildings whatsoever shall be erected on the site without the Authority’s prior written permission
  • The double garage on the eastern side of the building shall be retained for the parking of private domestic vehicles in association with the application site in perpetuity
  • The proposed window on the north west elevation shall be obscure glazed and shall remain so in perpetuity

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The Peak Park planners are currently considering a re-application for “change of use from retail shop to domestic residential” for the old Spar Shop in Parwich.

The application and plans, which can be see on-line at the Peak Park website (application number NP/DDD/0509/0370), are for a single dwelling with the rooms upstairs unchanged and the ground floor shop area as an undivided living space.

Any comments must be sent in by Friday 12th June (either email to or click here for more details on how to comment).  If there are no comments from the public or other organisations this may be decided by the planning officers on delegated authority.

For the Authority to grant permission for change of use of a former village shop it must comply with their Local Plan, chapter 5 section 5.6:

Only where it can be shown that a shop is no longer viable or required by the local community, and that the proposed new use meets another community need, should change of use be allowed.

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Following on from Roads, here is your chance to raise issues relating to the Peak District National Park Authority for the candidates for the County Council and European Parliament elections.  Look out for more posts on other topics.

Peak Park

Use the poll or comment below to have your say:

For matters already raised (more…)

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Parwich Village Action Group has issued its 2009 update.

Click here to access it as a pdf.

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Apologies for the late publication regarding this week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph. Unfortunately the blog team are a man down, as Peter is not well at the moment. 

From Sunday, we will also be losing Christopher – so if you are interested in joining this very friendly, small team, please email us.

  • p3. Keeping with the traditional name – A ‘new’ name for the hospital, but Mrs V Wright from Parwich who submitted two names is quoted as saying, “If that’s what people want then fair comment, but it’s a shame a new building hasn’t got a new name….”.
  • p5. Compost fire firm wins ‘green’ award – Vital Earth which of course has Parwich links through Mr Robert Shields, has won the International Green Hero Award and will now be automatically put forward in European Business Awards for the Environment.  A spokesman for the judges said that they were not aware of the fire incident, but this would not have necessarily affected their decision if they had known. (more…)

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