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Day 4, everything has to be finished and part of the team worked until 11pm last night, rumour has it that the bottle of port helped! This morning I just concentrated on the background, thousands of camomile heads. The photo below shows the use of various leaves to form part of the hills in the centrepiece and then primulas picked from gardens to create the folds in the gown.

This evening it was time to put up all the well dressings, however just as the tractor was loaded, it broke down and the heavens opened, not only with rain but hail. Would the boards survive once raised vertically?

The pictures really do not do justice to the nailbitting agonising as we watched the men lift the 5 sections into place. Stephen was up the tree with ropes and the others were either on the ground or in the trailer. Fingers inevitably squashed various bits of clay and this wasn’t helped by the hail which unfortunately caused further saturation and meant that some of the petals & leaves slipped. When we create the dressings we work from bottom to top, so that the petals are rather like feathers on a bird and any rain will just run down the petals & drip off, but if the boards are flat when it rains then it just soaks in. Using spare flowers we filled the gaps and stood back in the near darkness and proudly admired our painstaking work.

Don’t forget the Well Dressings are open from tomorrow, with the blessing commencing at 11am.

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In the papers 30th April 2008

I have spotted two articles this week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph relating to our area, as well as the darts report, but do let us know if there are more. Firstly there is a report on the planning decision by the Peak Park Authority to reject the application for an extension to Station Road Farm. The article focuses on the placing of planning policy above individual circumstance, though it does not mention that the Committee had the discretion to allow such an extension if they saw fit, and that it was a close fought decision. Also it describes the building as a cottage, not mentioning that fact that it is the only remaining working small holding in the Parwich Conservation Area. (See also our report and the minutes of the Planning Committee of 18th April when they come on line).

Secondly congratulations are due to Ballidon’s Felicity Edmeston who is near to qualifying for the British Development Squad senior endurance team. There is a good photo in the paper of Felicity and her horse Floriferouz. “Following wins last year in 50-mile and 75-mile competitions she recently finished 11th in a 75-mile competition at Sangatte, France, and later this year will be facing her first 100-mile ride.” Felicity will be organising an endurance ride at Biggin on Saturday 17th May, with some nine classes, starting on Hartington Moor between 9 and 11am. All the best wishes for Felicity, especially as a recent accident to her horse has delayed Alice Beasley’s start to this year’s Dressage season.

Finally there was an article that attracted my attention, though not directly related to our villages (yet?), namely that Ashbourne Radio will appear on the airwaves at 96.7fm from Monday 26th May. (Their web address is, though the site does not seem to be on-line yet.)

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This post is an update to the planning application post listed earlier this month. Information has been sourced from the search facility on the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) website.

There no new planning applications for Parwich, Pikehall and Alsop-en-le-Dale. There is one new application for Ballidon:

  • Ballidon Quarry – Non-Compliance with condition 5 of planning consent NP/DDD/0905/0907 to permit the retention of existing powders plants until 31/12/08 to enable the full commissioning of the new replacement powders plant.
    ID No: NP/DDD/0408/0367, 17-Apr-08.
    Status: registered, awaiting decision.
    View documents

A final decision has been reached for three of the applications in Parwich:

  • 5 – 8 Rathborne Croft – The removal of existing timber framed single glazed windows and their replacement with PVCu double glazed units.
    ID No: NP/DDD/0208/0178, 25-Feb-08.
    Status: granted conditionally, final decision.
    View documents
  • 2 – 11 Smithy Close – The removal of existing timber framed single glazed windows and their replacement with double glazed.
    ID No: NP/DDD/0208/0175, 25-Feb-08.
    Status: granted conditionally, final decision.
    View documents
  • Station Road Farmhouse Dam Lane – Construction of extension.
    ID No: NP/DDD/0208/0103, registered 06Feb08.
    Status: refused, final decision.
    View documents

The status of the remaining active applications remains unchanged, as follows: (more…)

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Don’t forget about the Peak District National Park Authority’s Open Meeting next week, 4pm to 7-30pm Tuesday 6th May at the Memorial Hall.  The Environment Group are currently preparing their comments on the Authority’s draft Parwich Conservation Area Appraisal, but they copied to us the following email sent to Sue Adam (

To Sue Adam (Peak District National Park Authority)

The Environment Sub-Group of the Parwich Village Action Group have asked me to contact you. As a group we have looked in detail at the draft Conservation Area Appraisal document. Overall we felt it is a well researched and positive document. We have some comments which are currently being circulated amongst our members for any corrections/editing/etc, but we hope to get them to you next week.

In relation to the Public Meeting next week we wondered if there was to be included any presentation to villagers as a group rather than only informal chat to individuals. (more…)

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What to do this weekend?

This weekend there are lots of local events to choose from & if you plan carefully you can do everything.

Thursday to Wednesday – Tissington Well Dressings – Food is served at The Stables and certainly over the weekend lunches and Teas are also in the Village Hall (I speak from experience when I say that these cakes are good).

Thursday to Monday – 10am-4pm  – Bradbourne flower festival & ‘affordable art’ show with refreshments provided.  The artists include national & local people.  Our own Ruby Hickmott, will be showing some specialist pieces and more of her artwork can be seen at the end of the month in Parwich as part of DART.  The flowers in the church I am sure will be impressive, it is rumoured that the men are also having a go.  The event is to help raise funds to replace All Saints’ chancel roof.  So come along, enjoy a great day out, visit this delightful Saxon church, remember to admire the views towards Parwich & you may pick up an art bargin – the next Damien Hirst!

Sunday – 3.30 – Parwich Methodist Chapel – Everyone is invited to the final service with refreshments being served afterwards.  All future services will be held in Parwich Church.

Bank Holiday Monday – Tea & Cakes at Alsop Church – 11am – 4pm.  The cakes last month were delicious, looking forward to sampling again.

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Don’t forget tonight’s illustrated talk organised by the Horticultural Society:

The English & Their Gardens
by Danny Wells
7-30pm Wednesday 30th April
Parwich Memorial Hall

All Welcome

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Here are a few words forwarded to us by Patti Beasley who is organising the PR for next weeks launch. The text of the Project Parwich letter is posted further down.

Hello Everyone – well by now you should all have received a letter, cheerfully delivered by Jane Harris and hopefully also seen the posters dotted around the village, inviting you to come to the launch of Project Parwich on May 7th.

While you are being plied with alcohol and enough nibbles to stop you from getting too tipsy we shall be explaining all about this exciting Fun and Fund Raising venture. It will be our opportunity to show that as always Parwich folks can rise to the occasion and get stuck in by having a great time while we raise money.

Don’t worry that (more…)

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Tissington Day 3

The sun was shining this morning so the great debate was how many layers of clothes do I need to wear whilst working in a cow shed? The answer – as many as possible – thermal long johns, two long sleeved thermal vests & two sweatshirts – I had no intention of being cold.

Today we started petalling, which is exciting, because it means that the colour is now beginning. We don’t use whole flowers but peel off individual petals & carefully press them into the clay. Working with the carnations is quite easy, but the tiny chrysanthemum petals takes more concentration, to ensure that there is no bruising and clay doesn’t get on the petals.


The centre piece of our well dressing was also started today by two ladies who do this section every year. There is pressure on us all this year because one of the other wells is doing the same design, an amazing coincidence. The two photos below show them using hydrangea to form the sky & separating pine cone seeds to create part of a basket. No detail is too small.

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In the build up to the launch of Project Parwich we are starting our publicity.  This is our first press release on PARWICH.ORG: its remarkable success so far and the reasons behind setting it up.  If you have any suitable contacts that it should be forwarded to then please let us know.  It can also be downloaded in pdf format from

a community village website with a difference

Launched on March 16th 2008, PARWICH.ORG is a community website for the villages of Parwich, Alsop-en-le-Dale, Ballidon and Pikehall, in the Derbyshire Peak District. Unlike most village websites, which rely on traditional web page design to display static content, PARWICH.ORG uses blogging technology to create a lively, frequently updated weblog, with input from a broad cross-section of village residents.

To the delight of its creators, the blog proved an instant hit within the community, notching up an impressive 10,000 page views before the end of its first month. The site now averages 3,000 views per week: a remarkable achievement for an area with only around 500 people on its electoral roll. (more…)

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By now all households in Alsop en le Dale, Ballidon, Parwich and Pikehall should have received a letter announcing the launch of Project Parwich and your opportunity to see the plans for our new Memorial Hall. However just in case you have not seen the letter here it is:

What WE CAN do for OUR New Village Memorial Hall

‘Project Parwich’

You will probably know that we are getting nearer to realising our dream for a new Parwich Memorial Hall. Obviously the cost of this is substantial and as a village we could not possibly find all the money ourselves. We hope to be successful with our £500,000 bid from the Big Lottery Fund and other grants for which the Fund Raising Group is busy applying. However every penny we can raise will go towards making the hall a better-equipped building. If you think of the actual building of the new hall as a slice of bread then we could make the whole thing tastier by fund raising for the jam! This is where every member of our community can help. We will be showing the Lottery Fund that we can help ourselves, we will be having fun and making our contribution all at the same time. (more…)

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Thanks to Tom’s dad Stuart for alerting us to these great photos of the lad in action, as part of The Great Walk To Beijing 2008.

1. Tom on the Great Wall of China.
2. By the remains of a tower on the Great Wall, with Gordon Chan, Adam Sutton, Cliff Richard, Allison Cratchley and Murry Bingham.
3. With Gordon Chan and Lou Dobson.
4. Walking with Olivia Newton-John.
5. With actress Alison Cratchley (from the medical drama series All Saints, which sounds like Australia’s version of Holby City).
6. With Olivia Newton-John and team mascot Magic the kitten.

According to Stuart: “Tom is on his way back now – very tired – but note the trainer special shoes are those he was playing on the court after the Open New Court day.

Important! It’s still not too late to sponsor Tom. Click here, then select the green “Sponsor Me” button. As is appropriate when you consider Tom’s current storyline in Holby City, all funds raised go towards Olivia Newton-John’s proposed Cancer Centre.

And finally: if there are any readers who haven’t yet seen Tom’s amazing tap dancing and drumming sequence, it’s now available on YouTube. How long until they sign him up for Strictly Come Dancing, one wonders…?

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This blog is not X-rated, but merely a new word that I learnt whilst working at Tissington today. This was the first morning of really getting our hands dirty. The designs for the Well Dressing had been marked on the clay & now we had to outline everything in either tiny coffee beans, which are carefully placed on their side, all facing the same way

or we had to use Black Knobs – in laymans terms the cones from the Alder tree, but this sounds far less exciting. It is a pretty painstaking procedure as the cones are only the size of the tip of your little finger.

There you are hunched up over the boards, back aching, freezing cold and covered in clay – it’s fantastic. After 4 hours of this the outline was finished and we started filling in the background, either with small pieces of parsley or with the minute head of the camomile flower – making certain that they were the correct way round. I’ve probably covered about 30cm in this way, only another 5 metres to go. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow!

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Lewis Noble – Art Workshop

May 6th – 8th – Pear Tree Farm, Matlock

Painting “Emotions” based on Landscape – all media (mainly acrylic)

Learn with Parwich artist Lewis Noble how to focus on your own individual reaction to the landscape and use contemporary techniques to produce semi-abstract images using colour, form, texture. Please bring conte crayons, oil or dry pastel sticks and sketch books for gathering images from the landscape and work up in the studio (mainly acrylic layering)or mixed media of your choice. Primed boards provided, however, please bring your own paper and canvas if preferred.

To book contact:

Email:    or    Telephone:   01629 534215

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Over the next few days I am going to be posting a “Diary of Tissington Well Dressings”. In 2007 I was fortunate enough to be invited to join one of the Well Dressing teams, either they are desperate or I did a reasonable job last year because I am joining them again.

The Tissington Well Dressings are a fantastic tradition, something to be proud of, a part of our heritage which is all too often being eroded. Today for me was Day 1 – a very easy one. I joined some of the other Parwich Ladies who are involved in other wells at Communion at Tissington Church led by Christopher to celebrate the preparation for the Well Dressings. Afterwards we retired to the village hall for a wonderful cooked breakfast. Work for the Wells has been going on for days, with boards being soaked in the pond, clay puddled and designs drawn. The final boards were lifted today & taken to a “secret” location so that we can begin early tomorrow.

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I could do with a bit of advice…
Back in March I was issued with a parking ticket; since I thought the ticket was completely unfair I immediately appealed against it, only to find out yesterday that my appeal was turned down and I must, “pay the full amount of £80 within 7 days” or be pursued in court! (By the time the letter arrived, 5 days had already passed since the date the letter was issued).

The (hopefully) potted history to this is as follows. I parked in the main Derby train station car park; I bought a £10 ticket at ~7.45am, stuck it on the windscreen and headed off for Birmingham. When I returned at ~18.00, I had a parking ticket stuck to my windscreen. The ticket stated I had been fined as I had no valid ticket and was not parked in a valid space.

In fairness, when I checked the ticket I’d bought main part of the ticket had fallen off the windscreen and only the sticky bit remained; however, I wasn’t overly worried about this as I’d bought my ticket by Switch and so there would a record. The non-legal parking was more perplexing; after a number of discussions with nearby construction workers and the station parking manager it transpired that the space I parked in should have had a cone in but everyone agreed that the cone was often not put back and so, not possessing any psychic powers, I couldn’t have known that I shouldn’t have parked there. (more…)

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Derbyshire Open Arts is a visual arts and crafts event across the county. This free event invites you to visit artists and craftspeople in their show spaces and workplaces over Spring Bank holiday weekend.

Our next event will take place during Spring Bank holiday weekend, 24th, 25th and 26th May.

One of the venues for this event is at Lewis Noble’s studio in Parwich. The work on display will be paintings by Lewis, paintings and painted furniture by Mandy Noble, and fine art textiles and embroidery by Laura Stevens from Ashbourne.

Mandy Noble Laura Stevens
Lewis, Mandy, Laura

The studio will be open for the three days of the event and is situated directly opposite Parwich Hall.

DARTs Website

Mandy’s website

Lewis’s websites

Laura’s website


Also as part of this event Ruby Hickmott ( ) is exhibiting at her home in Church Walk, Parwich as part of the DARTS’ programme. Look out for Ruby’s work at the exhibition in Bradbourne Church next weekend.

(Sorry for the late entry but we didn’t realise Ruby was showing too.)


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Parwich & District Horticultural Society

The English and their Gardens
an illustrated talk by Danny Wells

7-30pm Wednesday 30th April
Parwich Memorial Hall
(Raffle & Refreshments – All welcome – Cost: Members £1, Non-Members £2) 

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School Newsletter No. 28

 Parwich Primary School News 28

25 April 2008

Dear Parents,
I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I have been given in my first week at Parwich School. It has been lovely to meet some of the parents and I look forward to meeting everyone over the forthcoming term. If you have any questions or just wish to chat, please feel free to speak to me, my door is always open.
Golden Coins
This weeks winners of a Golden Certificate are Charlotte Bradbury and Ashley Rushton. 

The children who dined on the Golden Table this week, which has now been running for a year, are Courtney Watson, Jamie Noble, Eryk Antkowiak, Georgia Griffiths, Tom Stafford and Jordan Barker.
Door Entry System
On Monday 28 April work will start on our new front door entry system, this will mean the door will be kept locked during the school day. This system is being installed as part of Derbyshire County Councils Health and Safety directives and I am sure will help keep our children safe at the school.
PHSE School Nurse Visit
The children in years 5 & 6 are having a PHSE talk, given by Phillipa Prince from the School Health team, on Wednesday 30 April.
Tote Money
Last term’s tote money was used by the infant class to buy toys and games to support their topics and Golden Time. Many thanks to all who participated in raising this money for the school.

Staff Training Day
There will be a staff training day on Friday 2 May and the children will not be required to attend school on this day. 

First Aid Course 
Joanne Black and Hayley Wilkinson attended a two day Paediatric First Aid Course this week.

Governors Meeting
There will be a meeting of the school’s governors on Monday 28 April at the school at 7.15pm.

Walk to Tissington
Weather permitting we hope to do the annual walk for the junior class to Tissington on Thursday afternoon 1 May to see the Well Dressings. Please ensure the children have good shoes; rainwear; a drink and sun protection (fingers crossed) if necessary. We should be back by 3.30 p.m.

Yours sincerely
Caroline Rodgers

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Project Parwich

Project Parwich – the Launch

Notices have gone out to all residents of Alsop en le Dale, Ballidon, Parwich and Pikehall announcing the launch of Project Parwich and an opportunity to see the architect’s plans for our new Memorial Hall:

7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th

Project Parwich & our new Memorial Hall
Wednesday May 7th at 7.30pm at Parwich Memorial Hall

Come and join in with ‘Drinks and Nibbles’: to view the final plans for the new Memorial Hall and to launch ‘Project Parwich’, our Fun and Fundraising year for the Hall.

7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th

7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th-May 7th

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Plant Sale at Culland Hall


For details of 2009 Plant Sale click here

The West Derbyshire Spring Plant Fair
In aid of Mid-Derbyshire Association for Moblie Physiotherapy
11am to 4pm Sunday 27th April
Culland Hall, nr Brailsford

If you can go along and support this sale of unusal plants, as it will raise money for an important local charity administered by our own Debbie Webster.

The Plant Fair is open from 11am to 4pm and is sign posted off the A52 Derby to Ashbourne road.

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Long Walk Home

This morning Ben caught for the first time the bus into Ashbourne, for an 11.30 appointment.  I checked the timetables & assured him he could catch the 13.10 to Carsington Water & then onto Parwich arriving about 13.57.  When he alighted in Ashbourne he asked the driver about the return journey & was told that the next bus going to Parwich was 15.50.  Not wanting to stay in Ashbourne for that long, he walked home – ask Ben about the litter and any details that you want to know about the road slippage – he’s seen it all.  Thanks Nia for rescuing him just past Bradbourne Mill.

The big question is – with these new timetables, how come the drivers do not know about all the services, expecially when it appears that the same company is operating them.  I have yet to speak to TM Travel on this matter.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems.

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Message from France

Here I am with news for Parwich, and could not find my way around to write a comment, is it done by email I wondered. I was looking for ‘post a blog here’ type button!

Anyway, here I am in Central France, on the edge of the Limousin and the Aquitaine, doing a little shopping on ebay, such bargains to be had! I noticed that I had bought from someone in Derbyshire, but until the package arrived this morning, I did not know it was from Parwich, I will withhold the lady in questions name, but suffice to say she lives in the same village as my cousin Val Stevenson, how is that for a small world! So, villagers, if you find in your possession small leather or cardboard cases, tell Val about them, and she will let me know! Then she will have to come and visit and bring our favourite boys with her.

Edwina Sutcliffe, Marval, Haute Vienne

(You can add a comment by clicking on where it say ‘Comments’ or ‘No Comments’ at the bottom of each post, but new posts have to be given to one of the website team. The quickest way to do that is to email your post to, as Edwina did, and one of us will put it on the site as soon as possible.)

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Doggie Doo on play area

Several parents of young children have asked us to do a post on ‘doggie doo’ on the Green around the children’s play area in Parwich. On several occasions recently young children have had their play interrupted because they had to be taken home to be bathed and have their clothes washed. Parents have cleared the area of the offending material, but it reappears.

We understand that the doggie bins are placed inconveniently out of the reach of most dogs, but they are not out of the reach of most owners.  Where are your ‘pooper scoopers’?

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Thank you to Stuart for forwarding the following information, sorry we did not get it posted on Wednesday when it was sent in, we are not normally this slow:

Tom flies out with Cliff Richard tonight (Wednesday) to join the Great Walk to Beijing and we should be able to follow his progress via the website (use this link to if you want to sponsor Team UK or Tom) It is a sponsored walk for the Olivia Newton John Cancer Hospital and Holby have allowed Tom to go because of his particular Cancer Storyline in Holby at the moment. But being recorded today (Wednesday) for transmission on Friday are Tom and Amanda (who plays Connie) at 5 pm on the Paul O’Grady Show Channel 4.

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More Photos of the Square

Many thanks to Lewis Noble for emailing the following:

Here’s a few pics I took of the woodland that Dorothy Littlewood looks after. She’s been working really hard and the daffs look great!


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Patrick McLoughlin MP
Next advice session:
Saturday 10 May at Ashbourne Leisure Centre
For an appointment, or to contact Patrick, please call:
0207 219 3511
Or e-mail:
or write to:
House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Our thanks to Patrick McLoughlin MP for contacting us with these details. He has recently discovered PARWICH.ORG for himself, and pronounces it “excellent”.

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Happy Birthday Sheila K

We hope you are having a good birthday, and are sorry you have to spend it at St. Oswald’s Hospital.  Get well soon.

Best wishes from all your friends in Parwich.

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Order Sunday papers at Shop

Janet is selling Sunday papers at the Shop in the Sycamore Inn, but only if you order them in advance.  Go and see Janet or phone her on 212 to order your Sunday papers.

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We now have more pages relating to the Memorial Hall on-line.

Firstly the pages here at PARWICH.ORG where you can share your comments

and secondly (what hopefully will become) more detailed information at PARWICHMEMORIALHALL.ORG

Will all members of the Committee and the Project teams have a look at them (using the navigation bars above) and either post your suggestions for improving these pages below or email your comments and content to

The sections on Redevelopment, Funding & Finance, Publicity, the Committee & the Charity and Current Facilities will all have further sub-pages as more information comes in.

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Kneeler Meeting – Thursday

If you are interested in making a kneeler for the Church there is an informal get together tomorrow morning at Helen’s, Dam Farm at 10am.

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Tonight was our first session of Pilates in the Memorial Hall, very relaxing.  Now just remember girls navel to spine as you inhale & then let it all hang out!  Or is it the other way round?

The 6pm class is full but if you are still interesting in joining we need a couple more people and a 7pm class can then start (ring Rebecca on 318).  Thank you Trish for a great introduction.


Sorry not the best picture – I’m just learning, maybe we’ll have to try again next week!

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This week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph reveals us to have one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the country for motorbikes:  “Figures released to coincide with a new campaign show that the short stretch of A515 between Ashbourne and Alsop-en-le-Dale has seen more bikers die or be injured than most other roads in the country.”  To find out more about the road safety campaign call Derbyshire County Council on 01629 058058.

A recent post here at PARWICH.ORG raised concerns that the new 50mph speed limit has made this road even more dangerous, so will we see the local section of the A515 moving up the league table to become the most dangerous stretch of road in the country?

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Have you noticed that the potholes seem to have been “repaired”.  An orange DCC van was seen yesterday at various points around Parwich filling the many holes.  Is our blog & the phone calls to County Council making a difference.? I have been told that there is a book open in the village, bets being placed now as to how long these repairs will last.  Your comments please.

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Great Coffee Morning

There must have been between 40-50 of us gathered in The Sycamore for the Coffee Morning. It was a super morning and a great opportunity to catch up on local news and just have a good gossip. Janet had a fire roaring and the cakes supplied by many and organised by Marian were a treat to see and even nicer to try. They surpass many a tea room. Steve kept the coffee flowing and I am sure that there are many people to thank. So thank you to everyone who came & for Janet for hosting the event – we look forward to a repeat of this event.


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Lift to Ikea?

Tomorrow we have an appointment in Ilkeston at 2pm, if anyone wants to visit Ikea or Decathlon Sports, we’ll glady drop you off for 1 1/2 and pick you up on our return.  We’ll be leaving Parwich just after 1pm.  Give us a ring on 665

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Carolyn’s Corner (No. 4)

A further update on Carolyn…..

Carolyn has been in the rehab ward for over a week and the treatment she has received there has made a noticeable difference. She is making good and regular steps forward and Howard reports daily progress. In fact, Carolyn has really impressed the physiotherapist as she was able to stand for the first time yesterday, exceeding expectations!

Carolyn is now spending most of the day out of the bed in her chair and Howard and her family have been wheeling her around the hospital and its grounds. The hospital staff are even planning to take her on an outing to a local pub on Friday lunchtime! Howard has completed his “chair training” and is hoping to be able to take her out for the occasional meal soon. (more…)

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Funeral of Annie Steeples

The funeral of Annie Steeples of Smithy Close, Parwich, will take place at St. Peter’s church on Thursday 24th April at 11.45 am in St. Peter’s church.

Annie grew up in Camberwell, London, before meeting her husband Frank during the Second World War.  Frank had grown up in Parwich and brought her back there, apparently telling her that she could expect to find Woolworths and similar shops in the village.  They had two children, Frank and Karen, and four grandchildren.  Frank died in 1991.

Annie was 88 when she died.

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St. George, Patron Saint of England

Today, 23rd April, is St George’s Day. We are not aware of any particular celebrations taking place in our villages, though next year the Odd Fellows and the Legion may be marking the occasion. However, PARWICH.ORG could not let the day pass without a post.

When checking with the Team if I could have this post, the Vicar responded:

I always find it rather ironic, given the affection in which the English hold St George, that he is thought to have been from what is now Turkey. Of course St. Andrew of Scotland was from Palestine . so perhaps we should all adopt a real British saint, like David! But maybe, on the other hand, St. George’s origins should help us in our attempts to build better Christian-Muslim relations …”


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Parwich Hospital in Derby Telegraph

There were two photos of Parwich Hospital taken while it was a Red Cross hospital during World War II in a recent Derby Evening Telegraph issue.  I have not seen them yet but hopefully more details will follow or someone will add more information under the comments.

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(Thanks to Graham for supplying this post.)

The Grand opening of the superb hard play area on Sunday morning was followed by an equally auspicious event in the afternoon – “The Chairman & Presidents day” organized by the Parwich Tennis Club.

Flushed with success playing for the football team in the opening round robin competition in the morning (oh yes, they really were that desperate), Glynis suggested I would be welcome to turn my hand to an equally alien game of tennis in the afternoon for the open competition which marked the club’s Chairman and Presidents competition. Having already lost all sense of reason, and been subject to anaesthetising levels of public humiliation, I figured that there was little left to lose in terms of personal dignity. After all, it was a pretty miserable day, and the highlight left for me on Sunday was a pre-dinner pint of Pedigree or three, so I hastily agreed. After all, I already had my trainers and track suit on, so I didn’t even have to go home to change.

The enthusiastic members of the tennis club convened at 1:15pm to be addressed by one Lt. Col. Linnell (Nia), who explained and subsequently orchestrated the order of events with the usual cool efficiency of an Officer and mother of four. The format of the competition would be another round robin, this time with 19 players whose ages ranged from 12 to 50, where each player would face 14 short matches of “short tennis”, with the winner being the one who racked up the most points during their respective matches.

This is going to be like taking candy off a baby, I thought – half of the competitors were youngsters, and the rest seemed so nice that when confronted by a ruthless winner (me), they would surely crumple in the face of such determined opposition. And besides, they were so welcoming, and happy that I had joined in, the only difficulty seemed to be coming to terms with my waltzing off with their first prize.


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