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Yes, it’s time for Part Four of the fabulous fun quiz that everybody is talking about (even if almost nobody is answering)! This time round, we shall be testing your knowledge on village events between August and September. If you know any of the answers, don’t be shy!

31. Two new classes were added to this year’s Horticultural Society show, with entrance restricted to gentlemen only. What were they?

32. Who were the joint winners of this year’s hanging basket competition?

33. “The atmosphere as soon as we arrived reminded me of those impromptu last-minute parties that end up being the ones you still talk about with misty-eyed nostalgia.” What event was being described here?

34. What was returned to the village from Loughborough at the end of August, in a much improved condition?

35. Which American based “single name family history society” was given a guided tour of the village by the Local History Society, followed by supper at the pub?

36. Colin Beesley won the first annual photographic competition at the Horticultural Show. What did his winning photograph depict?

37. At what event was this photo taken?

38. What was the first film to be screened in our new Memorial Hall?

39. The mascot of which regiment (as pictured below) attended the official opening of the new Memorial Hall?

40. What do Thomas Hardley, Clarissa Claridge and Barbara Heartland have in common?

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Today’s ten questions are all about events which took place between June and August.

21. Who paraded round Parwich in a yellow submarine?

22. What do Lady Bird, Knight, Del Boy Dale and Vicky Pollard have in common?

23. Who won the Harley Lowndes Cup this year?

24. Who won the Strongest Man competition?

25. The Sycamore put on a barbeque in July, with the added attraction of a live singer (who also performed at the Legion this year). What was the singer’s name?

26. Why did Eric Hill, Jill Hughes and Martin Hughes visit Parwich?

27. Where might you have found a “Square Robin”?

28. How much money was raised by the school’s Teddy Bears Picnic?

29. What object was found and returned to its owners, after being lost for between 25 and 30 years?

30. Who was the fastest local male in this year’s Parwich Panoramic Five? And who was the fastest local female?

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In Part Two of our 2010 quiz, we look back at events in our area between April and June. If you know any of the answers, please leave them in the comments.

11. On what occasion was this photo taken?

12. Why were Parwich Stepping Stones celebrating in April?

13. On what occasion was this photo taken?

14. The General Election took place in June. In which place did Parwichians cast their votes?

15. In the General Election, which party polled the lowest number of votes in our constituency of Derbyshire Dales?
a) The Green Party
b) The Humanity Party
c) The Monster Raving Loony Party

16. What re-opened on Friday May 28th, to the great relief of most villagers?

17. What was the first event to take place in the new Memorial Hall, on Wednesday June 9th?

18. Who played against England in the first World Cup match to be screened at the Legion, on Saturday June 12th?

19. Which Parwich garden is featured in this photo, which was taken on the afternoon of Open Gardens Day?

20. On what occasion was this photo taken?

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To help us look back on an action-packed 2010, we shall be running a Bumper Quiz of 2010, spread out over the next five days.

Each day, ten new questions will appear, all relating to events which took place locally during the past twelve months. All the answers can be found in our blog archives.

If you know any of the answers, please leave them in the comments box. After all fifty questions have been posted, the lucky reader who has supplied the most correct answers will win a year’s free subscription to PARWICH.ORG!

Our first set of questions cover events that happened between January and April. Happy guessing!

1. “The sunlight had long passed by the time Annie drove into the picturesque Derbyshire village.” These words appeared on PARWICH.ORG on January 17th, but what were they?

2. Which special service took place at St. Peter’s church on the evening of Wednesday January 27th?

3. Another Parwich website launched in early February. Whose website is it?

4. The A52s played their first Parwich gig of 2010 on Saturday February 27th. At which venue did the gig take place?

5. What series of events took place during February and March, at Church Farm, Rock House, Orchard Farm, Townhead and the Vicarage?

6. Which international web service captured this unsuspecting Parwich resident?

7. A rare song thrush was “discovered” in Parwich on April 1st. What unique skill did it possess?

8. Where could you enjoy tea and cakes on Easter Monday?

9. Which Parwich couple celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in April?

10. Whose delightful daffodils were featured in The Stunner?

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Unusual Sighting In Parwich

Our roving reporter was stunned to come across a very welcome visitor to Parwich yesterday. We understand this particular gentleman had had a very busy time the night before so he must have made a very special effort to visit us here in the village.

He gave us a cheery wave and before we knew it he was on his way.

We’ll try to be good….and hope to see you next year!

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Thirty five friends took the morning air and walked to Tissington today for the 3rd annual Christmas day walk – some for the first time.  It was a beautiful walk, with perfect blue skies and snow lining the fields.  On arrival at Tissington, a picnic table ladened with nibbles and flasks of coffee and mulled wine greeted the walkers.  Thank you to everyone who provided the goodies – roll on the next walk.

Photos – JF-S, Nick F-S & Ben. Single/double click on each photo to enlarge

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Church Fair Photos

Thank you to JF-S for sending in these photos of today’s Church Fair – a delightful event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Rebecca J writes: We are in the process of applying for a grant to run Pilates classes for the Over 60s in the New Year. We hope to have 2 free taster classes and 10 more that are subsidized. They will take place on a Wednesday afternoon from 2pm – 2.45pm, in the Memorial hall, followed by tea and cakes provided by Val Kirkham. The cost should be in the region of £3/ £4.

The teacher is Tricia Durdey who has 30 years experience of teaching movement to people of all ages and abilities; the last 6 of those as a Pilates teacher. She has worked with people with disabilities and with older adults in care homes and run a number of ‘Falls prevention’ classes.

She says:

“I want people to enjoy moving, to feel comfortable in their bodies, and to move without pain. Pilates should help you to become stronger and more flexible, and improve balance, posture, gait, and breathing.

My Pilates classes for older adults will mostly be devised around exercises that can be done sitting on a chair, or standing with the support of a chair. When people become stronger, or if people are already confident, I will also teach floor-based exercises. The classes will be particularly tailored to suit people’s individual needs.”

The class will be limited to 12 people and we need to have an idea of numbers to make a successful grant application. Please contact Rebecca on 390318 to reserve a place. This information will be available with a reply slip at the Over 60s meal this week.

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Memories of the snow

Hi, I’m Dana a long, but not well known resident of this wonderful village. I’m an amateur artist in many mediums, but I also love photography and since we had so much snow in the last few weeks I thought I up date your photo collection with the following pictures. In the mean time I wish all involved on this website a very happy Xmas and a healthy and prosperous 2011!

Thank you to Dana for these great photos (click on ‘continue reading’ to see them all) and your good wishes:


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Due to the popularity of our last ‘Spot The Difference’ feature, we’ve decided to run another one. This time, we’ve made it very very hard.

Click on ‘Continue Reading’ and take a careful look at these two photos. Although they may look identical at first, there is in fact a subtle difference between the top photo and the bottom photo.

Can you spot the difference? We particularly welcome answers in the comments box from our older readers.

HINT: Try putting on your glasses before attempting the exercise. A glass of Christmas sherry might make the difference a little easier to spot!


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Sheena Bryden

Many of you will know our Reader Sheena Bryden. She has ministered in our Benefice over a number of years, serving on the PCC at Parwich and with particular responsibility, in recent times, for the church family service at Tissington.

Sheena has felt for some time, that God is calling her to exercise her ministry in the Ashbourne Benefice (where she lives). The Diocese has considered this and has decided to grant her request. The date set by the Diocese for Sheena’s transfer is the end of November, which doesn’t give us time to say a proper thank you and good-bye. Therefore, we will say good-bye to Sheena during our 11am service at Parwich on January 30th. I’m sure you all join me in thanking Sheena for her ministry in the Benefice and in praying for her through this time of transition.

Revd Andy Larkin.

Sheena has become a good friend to many locally, so would like to take this opportunity to wish her all the best for the future.

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A beautiful painting of Parwich was displayed this evening on the Antiques Roadshow!

(Please click to enlarge)

The programme was filmed at Chatsworth and there were many items brought along that had connections with the estate. This particular picture was painted in 1950 by Bert Broomhead, who was a gamekeeper at Chatsworth. The Duke and Duchess must have been impressed as they provided Bert with his own studio.

It is fascinating to see how this aspect of the village looked 60 years ago. There were significantly fewer houses at this time.

If you missed the programme, you can watch it for a limited period on the BBC iPlayer. Click here and see the painting 29 minutes and 17 seconds into the programme.

Added on Monday (by Peter T)

Mike does this re-orientation of the painting help locate it?  It must be south and slightly east of the Church on the slopes of Parwich Hill.  How about on Creamery Lane level with Knob Hall, though several buildings may have been ommitted and/or redesigned?

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From autumn to winter…

Over the last couple of months, the “banner” images for PARWICH.ORG have all been taken from the same place, allowing us to play “spot the difference” with the passing of the season: from greens to golds, then to bare branches and finally to snow.

To view the entire set from beginning to end, please click the image below.
Hint: in some browsers, you may need to click the image a second time, in order to enlarge it fully.

For reference, the banners were taken on these dates: October 10/17/24/30, November 6/13/15/27, December 5.

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The Icicle Works

An easing of the temperature to just above the freezing mark caused a significant melting of the snow today. Driving conditions became easier and for some it was the first time in days that they have been able to get their vehicles down the hill. Walking in and around the village was still pretty difficult as the powdery snow turned into that horrible brown slush.

As the water melted and dripped down from the roofs, many beautiful icicles were formed. Thank you to J F-S for sending us a selection he encountered during the course of the day.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Send us your icicle pictures!

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Our thanks to Lucy D for sending us this picture. If there are any other Parwich snowmen, snowwomen or other assorted snowcreatures which you’d like us all to see, please send them in!

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Is this some sort of White Peak snow sprite, spotted dangling outside our back door this evening?

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Our thanks to Lewis Noble, for sending us these wonderfully atmospheric photos of snowy Parwich.


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Absolute Proof

14 inches in JF-S’s garden, but after today’s snow, what will the depth be?

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Many thanks to Fiona H, who sent us the following snowy pictures from wild and woolly Ballidon Moor. Please click on each image to enlarge it.

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Even More Pictures Of Snow

According to legend, eskimoes have at least 49 words for ‘snow’. Well, even if we have far fewer ‘snow words’ in English, we can at least make up for it with the number of pictures we have of the stuff!

Click on ‘Continue Reading’ to view a slide show depicting varied snow-filled scenes from around the village.


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Thank you for these photos, keep them coming.

Firstly from Ian P:


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Children at play – it really is this deep.

Around the village

The Church and Churchyard

Click on any picture to enlarge.

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Anyone for tea?

Haven’t measured the depth yet!

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What made this?

This photo was taken at about 7:30 on Saturday morning, near the sledging field. It was in fresh snow and was about 12 inches at its widest point. Most likely it was a bird about to take off – two feet and tail feathers possibly – or have we received a close encounter of some other kind?

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Parwich Temperature Reaches A Low

Many thanks to Graham J, who sent us the following email:

Last night was the coldest recorded by our live village weather station which has been recording data since the beginning of 2007. At 6:30am this morning the temperature had dropped to a staggering low of 12.9 degrees below zero Celsius. This is over 4 degrees cooler than the previous low of -8.8 degrees C recorded on 7th January earlier this year. Traveling back from Ashbourne at around midnight last night, our car external temperature gauge fell to -15 degrees C at Bradbourne Mill (a consistent cold trap area, typically 3-5 degrees colder than Parwich on a still night). One wonders what the low at 6:30am would have been there?

Graham and Amanda kindly make the readings from their weather station available to all. Click here to see the reading right now.

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Snowy Saturday

For many it was quite a surprise to look out of the window on Saturday morning and see the perfect powdery covering of snow.

For the photographers of Parwich, snow offers a great opportunity to capture the village in its sparkling glory. Of course John F-S – the master of Parwich photography – was out and about early.

For others, the snowy weather can make life more difficult. This is especially true for the farming community whose animals still need caring for. The Kirkhams are pictured here making sure the animals on Back Lane are well fed.

One animal feed supplier had a particularly bad day. Not only did the tanker need pulling out of the village, but it also lost a wing mirror as it came back down the hill at Townhead! Repairs were needed before the vehicle could make its way back out of the village.

For many Parwich people however, times of snow are to be enjoyed. If you click ‘Continue Reading’ you will see a selection of photos taken around the village. Hope you enjoy them. As usual, click on any image to enlarge it.


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Parwich always looks particularly beautiful after a snow fall, and today was certainly no exception. Here are a selection of photos taken during the course of Saturday, starting before breakfast and ending just before tea time. As ever, these photos look at their best if you click to enlarge each one.

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Take a careful look at these two photos. Although they may look identical at first, there are in fact ten differences between the top photo and the bottom photo.

How many can you spot? We particularly welcome answers in the comments box from our younger readers.

HINT: Try clicking each photo to enlarge it. Each photo will then open in a new window. This might make the differences a little easier to spot!

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Last Weekend’s Concert

The concert by the Choir of St. Mary’s Church, Nottingham here in Parwich on Saturday 13th was by all accounts a great success.  Certainly these two clips posted by Martin at YouTube increased my regret at having missed it, but then went a fair way to make up for that.

Also there is an excellent mp3 audio download at:

The concert was in aid of the Parwich Church restoration fund and for Help for Heroes.

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If you’re an Archers fan, then the newly launched Ambridge village blog might be of interest. But has the Ambridge blog team been taking inspiration from PARWICH.ORG, we wonder?

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Saturday’s Concert

A big thank you to all of you who supported the Choral Classics for Remembrance Concert in Parwich church on Saturday. The choir gave their services for nothing, the audience enjoyed some lovely village-supplied nibbles, and we raised almost £500 to go to the Help for Heroes Fund, and Parwich Church Restoration Fund


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Heather’s Jewellery Means Business

From an early age Heather H has loved making arts and crafts. A while ago she started creating funky jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Last year, when she needed to raise money to fund her Duke of Edinburgh expedition, she started selling some of her work on stalls at the St. George’s Day Fayre, Wakes Week and Wirksworth Farmers’ Market.

Her jewellery-making skills have steadily developed. Some of her work has recently been taken by the Opus Gallery in Ashbourne. This picture shows Catherine from Opus Gallery and Heather selecting items of jewellery to be displayed.

(I have previously bought some items from Heather as presents, which went down very well, so would recommend having a look in Opus when doing your Christmas shopping.)

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Remembrance Sunday

Thank you to JFS for these two photos: the first in St Peter’s Church Yard when this morning’s service moved out to the War Memorial for the two minutes silence and the Last Post.

And the second at the Legion afterwards.

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Online book of Open Gardens

Audrey, a friend of Mike & Kevin’s in America , visited Parwich over an Open Garden Weekend.  She so enjoyed the day that she has produced an online book of the afternoon.  It is a delightful snapshot of the day, with some  magical photos.  Click here to enjoy the story.  The photo below is a sample page from the book, by clicking on any page you can enlarge that photo.

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What are these?

Flying over Parwich today – JF-S

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2010 saw the 55th Dovedale Dash and although chilly and a little soggy underfoot, it was a wonderfully sunny day.  Parwich and Alsop were well represented, fielding 21 runners (including 5 friends) out of 1500 runners.  Apologies that the photos are not as sharp as they could be, but the runners were just too fast and sorry if I have missed anyone out.

In the children’s race, Bethany was the first girl in the Under 10’s and Emily the first girl in the Under 8’s and Ben was one of the younger runners.  

In the main race, Clive R, veteran, led the Parwich group in, followed by Sue P, Jacob (only 9) and then Graham J.  Well done to the rest – Izzy, Seth, Nia, Thayer, Lexie, Reuben, Josh, Brian G, Jamie D, Mark W and the Linnell’s friends.

Next Year’s run is on Sunday 6th November!

Click on any photo to enlarge.

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Autumn colours

On a bright, clear Saturday lunchtime, this year’s autumnal colours seemed to take on an extra glow. Please click each picture to enlarge it.

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For the third year running, here are a selection of images from this year’s Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition, in the grounds of Chatsworth House. The exhibition ends tomorrow (Sunday October 31st).

These images are best viewed in full-size, so please click on each thumbnail to enlarge.

Lynn Chadwick: Ace of Diamonds III

Lynn Chadwick: Three Elektras

Arnaldo Pomodoro: Cubo I

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In tribute to the magnificent horse chestnut trees, some of which had to be felled due to disease, here is a mini-slideshow showing some photographs taken recently.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Cool for Cats

Thomas the pub cat is no mug. Whilst ‘normal’ cats would be content to sleep on the floor, this particular moggy has made himself at home in a traditional thatched cottage!

From his vantage point, he can survey The Sycamore’s customers as they relax in front of the pub. Woe betide any bird who may think this particular birdhouse was made for birds!

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