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Thank you to all who gave so generously at the Swiss Raclette Evening held on Saturday night. Thirty people attended the Project Parwich fundraiser for the new village hall. The evening raised close to £300. Exact figures will be calculated when Sue and Mike are awake enough to work the calculator!

Thanks to John F-S for the photos.

p.s. Somebody left an umbrella. Just call round for it if it’s yours!

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An autumn walk.

These photos were taken last Sunday: when the weather was fine and clear, and the autumn colours just starting to emerge.

Please click each image to enlarge it.


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Since our previous post on Tuesday, the final draft of the Parwich Conservation Area Appraisal is now available on-line.

This draft is to be presented to next Friday’s PDNPA Planning Committee Meeting(10am Fri 17th October at Aldern House, Bakewell).  You can see the draft on the following links:

Members of the public may arrange to speak to the Committee by contacting Democratic Services by telephone on 01629 816362 or 01629 816382 or email by midday on Wednesday 15th October.

For those not online Parwich Village Action Group has left a print out of the draft at the Sycamore Inn.  Do leave your comments below.

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Some Autumn Colour

Thank you to the contributor who sent in these photos of the developing autumn colour at White Meadows:

as usual click on each image to enlarge  (more…)

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A morning walk

Many thanks to our Local Weatherman for these photos of drystone walling taken on his morning constitutional today in Monsdale Lane:


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Many thanks for the following information from Lynn Burrows, the Peak District National Park Ranger for our area:

The Peak District National Park Authority’s Area Team in the Parwich, Ballidon and Alsop en le Dale area

The Peak District National Park Authority’s Ranger Service
provides a crucial link between the authority and the local community – relaying information, complaints and compliments. We also carry out much of the work on the ground in local communities for the National Park Authority.

The Peak District National Park Authority has two main jobs:

  • To take care of the landscape, wildlife and culture of the Peak District so that it will be here for future generations to enjoy
  • And to provide opportunities for people to understand and enjoy this fabulous and inspiring landscape.

This is supported by a third aim which is to help sustain the communities that live within the Peak District.

As rangers this means that we are involved in a wide variety of activities and in the recent past I have carried out the following type of work in your area: (more…)

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For the third year running, Sotheby’s of London are staging Beyond Limits: a selling exhibition of modern and contemporary sculpture in the gardens of Chatsworth House.

This year’s display includes sculptures by Salvador Dali, Marc Quinn, Zadok Ben-David, Lynn Chadwick, Robert Indiana, Zaha Hadid, Richard Hudson and many more.

Our favourites this year were Marc Quinn’s giant bronze baby (“Planet”), which sits at the near end of the lake, and Robert Indiana’s “The American Love”, which sits at the far end. We were also very much taken by Jedd Novatt’s more abstract – and endlessly fascinating – “Chaos Vascos II”.

The exhibition runs until November 2nd and comes highly recommended – particularly on a clear, bright afternoon, when the sunlight displays the works to their best advantage.

(Hover your cursor over each image to reveal its title, and click on each image to enlarge it.)

Which sculpture is your favourite? Please let us know in the comments.

Sui Jianguo - Mao VestRichard Hudson - Love Me

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The kneeler project so far.

The kneelers in St Peters Church are in a rather sorry state, so Irene Wilton kindly sponsored the purchase of the first 13 replacement embroidered kneelers in memory of Ambrose– these are in the process of being sewn up.

We now have a further kits each waiting for a sponsor. Would you like to sponsor a kneeler? Each kit costs £35.

We can customise the kneeler to include your own dedication – for example someone you wish to remember, a special date or anniversary, a christening, a village group etc. If you choose to sponsor a kneeler, you can either make it up yourself, or our team of embroiderers can do it for you.

If there is sufficient demand further kneelers can be commissioned and it may also be possible to incorporate your own design.

If you are interested, please speak to the churchwardens – Helen Pitts (362) or Martin (529)
More Photos

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A successful night

Harvest Supper on Monday night was an evening enjoyed by almost 60 people, there was good food, good wine (as long as you brought your own) and good company.  A lot of work had been put into the event and we were very grateful to all those who donated salads, jacket potatoes & crumbles and those who helped in any other way.  There was as always a very successful and entertaining auction, once we know how much was raised we will update this blog.


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Stuart and Rosemary Chambers went to support Tom Chambers (aka Dr Sam Strachan of Holby City) at the BBC studios,  Sheppards Bush in London for the Saturday Show and the results show on the Sunday 21st September.


At 4.30pm, having been in rehearsals since 9am, Tom is looking surprisingly relaxed – but maybe not.


Tom was a bundle of nerves as he and Camilla, his gorgeous Danish dance partner, were ‘first out of the trap’.  We were delighted but so nervous for him too, a very live audience with demanding judges!

Rosemary and I were joined by three prominent members of the Holby City cast, Michael Spence, Daisha and Maddy Young, they were so supportive.  Maddy and Michael gave some superb off camera tv interviews which we should see over the next few weeks.  The cast of Holby City will attend the show as regularly as they can, maybe we’ll see Michael Spence dancing in 2010.

We had such a great time in the BBC bar before and after the show, chatting until near midnight with other contestants in particular a hot favourite being Rachel Stevens of S Club 7. I can’t tell you how exciting and exhilarating it was, gorgeous dresses to look at and lots of other celebrities to meet and see – a bbc bar to use too – I would recommend the evening to anyone, try and get a ‘wild invitation’ via the Strictly Come Dancing website.  It’s a long day and it’s true you do see more on the TV but the vibrant atmosphere of a live show with the movement of boom cameras, technicians and all the contestants… Fantastic.


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Photos have been added to this post (Tues 23rd Sept)

Thanks to Val S for another literary masterpiece as well as champion tennis player.

I knew I was in trouble when I woke to the sound of Cher from my bedside radio….yes I KNOW our love won’t pay the rent but neither will it get a tennis tournament and end of season BBQ organised…..

Glynis (aka Drummond G) called, she’ll get rolls, beer and stuff, the Linnells are on sausages (obviously) and Colin B is organising the tennis; I get to clean and scrub two rusty dirty barbeques and plan some stuff for the annual dinner, my cup overfloweth.

All ready by 1pm. 24 highly motivated players were confronted by yet another cunning competition format, this time devised by Colin B……….And when I’m sad, you’re a clown …….. ….24 players – 3 Drummonds, 3 Smiths, 3 Linnells, 3 Beesleys, 2 Coates, 2 Yarletts, 2 Watsons, a single Fentem, a Chadfield (well done Sandra!) a Bunting, the vicar, a bloke called Richard and me – making 12 couples…I got you to hold my hand……


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What a delightful service it was today at the Harvest Festival, a joint event with St Peter’s Church and Parwich Methodists.  The church was beautifully decorated, every window sill full of autumn fruits and vegetables. 

Harvest Supper.  The produce will be auctioned tomorrow night at the Harvest Supper.  We are delighted that all the tickets have been sold.  We look forward to seeing you at 6.30pm in the Memorial Hall.  Any further produce, fruit, veg, flowers and cakes will be gratefully received because we are a little short of things for the auction.

Thank you to Martin C for sending in these photos.

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Denise’s Sponsored SkyDive!

Congratulations to Denise, and thank you to the Professor for sending this in:

She’s Done It! Denise’s Sponsored SkyDive! She’s a Star!

If you cast your minds back to July, many of you will have filled in Sponsorship Forms for Denise’s Skydive in aid of the Derby City General Hospital Breast Cancer Clinic.

On 19 July we went out to Langar airfield (between Nottingham and Grantham – and the home of the British Parachute Schools Skydiving Centre). The winds blew and blew, and if a jump had been made Denise would probably have landed in the Netherlands. We waited all day, and eventually returned disconsolate (to drown our sorrows in a pub in Markeaton).

Since then a combination of dreadful weather and domestic problems intervened to make a jump impossible, but on Tuesday 16 September we were told that Wednesday weather would be ideal – we should get there as early as possible. So we turned up at 10.30 – only to find mist and a very low cloud-base which would make tandem jumps for starters unsafe. The day went on and on.


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Here are a couple of photos of Janet back at work having come from the station via the cash & carry:


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Best Community Pub 2008

The results of the 2008 Great British Pub Awards are now in


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The day dawned – surprisingly brightly given the recent dampness.

This was the penultimate event of the Tennis Club’s year, the climax of their competitive year, the pinnacle of competitive ambition, the epitome of competitive standards. At stake was the honour of having your name in gold leaf on the pavilion honours board for eternity.

This is a day for finely tuned athletes, the light of foot, the stern of heart, those who care and the masochists who routinely subject themselves to ritual humiliation on an annual basis.  This is not a day for the lily-livered, for those who play for enjoyment or those with the good sense to recognise their limitations. Today we were gladiators!

There were two competitions – ‘one for the ladies’ and ‘one for the gentlemen’.


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Thank you to Mike H for these photos:

click on photos to enlarge or   (more…)

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The Comment section in today’s Ashbourne News Telegraph (10th Sept 2008) mentions very favourably PARWICH.ORG, so we thought our readers might like to see this in full:

IF YOU haven’t already done this, and you have the necessary facilities, log on to and have a good look around. Make sure you have a bit of time though, it’s easy to lose several hours reading through the numerous snippets of news and views posted up on a daily basis.

We would like to congratulate the village and the website’s hard-working administrators for creating something that must be almost unique in such a small sleepy village as Parwich.

What strikes you as you click away at the hundreds of articles and comments on the site is just how busy it is. Villagers we assume must log on every day and debate the finer points of life both within the village and further afield. It’s fascinating, friendly, and a shining example of a healthy community embracing modern technology.  (more…)

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Thank you to the Horticulture Society for the following write up of their 58th Annual Flower & Vegetable Show:

Despite the dullest August on record and flash floods the day before the Show, washing some regular exhibitors vegetables away, entries were only a little down on last year. However, despite this the village put on an excellent display.

The Horticultural Society are particularly grateful to the commitment of the judges. Mr R Hill of Dronfield worked particularly hard this year judging the local flowers as usual, the local vegetables in place of Mrs Hill who was unwell and also jointly the open chrysanthemum classes as the planned judge had to withdraw because of a family commitment. Mr W K Wilkins of Bradley judged the dahlias and jointly with Mr Hill the chrysanthemums. Mrs M Oldfield of Buxton, a former head of catering at M & S judged the home produce section. This was her first year as one of our judges and we hope we will see her again in the future. The organisers were particularly impressed that she noted that she was served an M & S quiche for lunch. Last but not least we would also like to thank Emma of Absolutely Fabulous in Ashbourne for stepping in at the last minute to very professionally judge the floral art.

The Society would also like to give a big thank you to all who worked so hard to make the day a success. As can be seen from the list of trophy winners below Tony and Rita very nearly swept the board. (more…)

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Flooding: update and more photos.

Faced with a rainfall of last night’s spectacular dimensions (a record-busting 39mm in eight hours, according to our resident weather man), one would have assumed that the higher up your property, the safer you would be. In this case, almost the reverse turned out to be true. For a few hours, the unfortunate residents of Smithy Lane found their houses temporarily converted into “riverside properties”, as one resident wrily put it.

With the floods pouring down from Parwich Hill at an unprecedented rate, Smithy Lane became a gushing torrent, as today’s tide marks on the side of buildings still demonstrate. At the bottom of the road, the waters cascaded down the footpath leading to the school, ripping up the tarmac to a degree that suggested an earthquake had struck. The road damage continued beyond the school and down to the square, even exposing subterranean pipes in some areas. Elsewhere, wheelie bins had been overturned and carried along by the current.

Down by the brook that connects the Alsop road to the green, a collapsed wall now forms the gateway to yet more destruction. Most of the waterside path has been badly churned up and waterlogged, rendering it almost impassable.

Perhaps some of the worst damage of all is to be found in and around The Sycamore, as the photo below amply demonstrates. As we passed, a council lorry was unloading sandbags in the car park. Our sympathies to Janet and Steve, who have suffered more flood-related disruption over the years than most.

On the lower lying land towards the south eastern edge of the village, more properties have been flooded, and more mopping-up operations are taking place. Again, our sympathies to all villagers who have been affected.

(Please click each image to enlarge it.)


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Flooding Risk

We have had a huge amount of rain dumped on us overnight….and more is expected during Saturday. There has certainly been an unprecedented quantity of water coming off Parwich Hill which will undoubtedly have overloaded the brook running through the village. Please add your comments here to inform the village on the state of play.

Update: Thanks to Jason for sending in this screen capture, showing the state of play overnight. As Jason says: “What shall we call her?

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‘All were found guilty’

Thank you to the contributor who sent in the above title and the following photos of Issy (Isabel) M and Tinker of Parwich, taken at the Mountain Rescue Demonstration Team at Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials on Saturday 30/8/08.  These Sheep Dog trials are said to be the oldest in the country, having been run continuously (apart from the two World Wars) since 1898.


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After some press leaks over the weekend, it has now been officially confirmed that Parwich’s Holby City star Tom Chambers (Sam Strachan) will be one of the contenders on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.  The competition will be broadcast live on Saturdays, with the results of each stage being announced the following day. 

Tom is planning to fit in a wedding (his, to Clare Harding) on 19th October, which falls during the series. Let’s give him all our support – pass the word to all your friends! 

For more details click here.

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Summer Flowering

Some blooming lovely flowers!


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A splendid article from the Derby Mercury of May 23rd, 1883, has recently been drawn to our attention, describing the reopening of Alsop church following the major rebuilding programme which resulted in the church as we know it today.  Ten clergy, including the Archdeacon of Derby, and a large number of gentry including “the misses FitzHerbert”, were present at what appears to have been an event of great celebration and considerable conviviality. 

The Archdeacon compared the previous building to “something like a lumber room”, also commenting that “the material fabric of a church was designed in order that people might seek in the worship of God the means of building up their own spiritual life”.  The Rev. E. H. May, vicar of Parwich and Alsop, referred to a book by Thomas Becon, chaplain to Archbishop Cranmer, who had sought refuge in Alsop in the late 1500s; Becon was pleasantly surprised to find the area much less “barbarous, rude and barren” than he had expected. 

In some concluding remarks, Mr S. C. Allsopp MP, who had business connections with Burton on Trent, said that “in the old days of the Meynell Hounds, the only persons who followed the hunt were Peak parsons and Burton brewers.  He hoped that in years to come the Peak parsons and Burton brewers would not only follow the fox together, but join in every good work which was needed in the parish”.

Read the full article on the web pages for Alsop church – and don’t forget the Bank Holiday teas this Monday -11am-4pm!

Christopher Harrison

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Tomorrow at the Methodist Service held in Parwich Church at 2.30pm sees the dedication of the lectern in memory of Minnie Smith and the glass cross in memory of John Lees. Everyone is welcome to the service.

Minnie Smith by her daughter Jan Smith.
We are dedicating a new lectern in memory of my Mum, Minnie Smith. Minnie was born in a cottage on Alsop Road in 1912 and spent her early years in the village, attending the Methodist chapel and the local school. She often used to talk to me about the headmaster, Booth Hampson, who she always had a great deal of respect for. I gather that she wasn’t always a model pupil, as Mr Hampson was known to throw his keys across the desk to attract her attention during lessons.

Mum left Parwich to work first at Bradbourne Hall and later for Dr Madge in Ashbourne, before marrying Jim Smith in 1941. They spent 55 happy years together before my Dad died in 1996. My Mum always retained her deep affection for Parwich and I was brought to the village from a very early age. I am told I learned to walk at Flatts Stiles, then the home of Mum’s cousin, Mrs Mabson, on my first birthday. I know that Mum always felt that she was coming home when she came to Parwich and until her death in 2000 regularly attended the chapel services. I know that she would have been thrilled that our friend Colin has made this beautiful lectern in her memory.

John Lees by his daughter Janice Wigley.
Myself, and indeed all the family, especially my Mum, Peggy Lees are delighted that the cross in the Lady Chapel at Parwich Church is to be dedicated to Dad, John Lees. Dad was born in Ballidon in 1919 and ’emigrated’ to Parwich when he married Mum, he attended Parwich Chapel from then on. He loved chapel and I also have happy memories from childhood of new dress & gloves for Easter Sunday & Anniversary Services when the chapel would be full to bursting- even the balcony!

Thank goodness the ‘Chapel’ remains here and thanks, good luck & best wishes to all who have helped to achieve this.

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Thank you to Parwich & District Horticultural Society for the following:

This year we revived our Hanging Basket Competition, which fell into abeyance some years ago. This was prompted by the donation of a Trophy to the Society in memory of the late Abel Shipley. Abel was born in 1915 at Warslow, but his family moved to The Croft in Parwich when he was three months old. He lived in Parwich the rest of his life, and retained an impressive memory of village affairs right up to his death. Many will have very fond memories of Abel.

As a child Abel worked on the family allotment behind their house, now gone unfortunately, and “every fortnight my mother walked me, aged 5, over to Warslow to clean and wash for my grandfather and uncle and then walk back again. This took us through Alsop, Gypsy Bank and Beresford Dale. (more…)

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Thank you to Peter Trewhitt for supplying the following.  This post has been up-dated 14th August in the light of Sue Adam’s comment below.  The Environment Sub-Group of Parwich Village Action Group has had a response to our letter commenting on the draft Conservation Area Appraisal (see our earlier post ‘A living working community’).

The response consisted of three documents:

The letter focused on three main issues; the purpose of the Conservation Area Appraisal, which is “to define and analyse the specific historic character and appearance that justified the designation of the area“; the Consultation Process that has been followed, that the Officers feel is in line with English Heritage guidelines, is appropriate and cost effective; and the Conservation Area Boundary which the Officers recommend be unchanged.   (more…)

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Tympanum leaflets in Church

The printing for the Tympanum Project arrived at St. Peter’s Church in Parwich today.  Following the dedication of the replica tympanum, this completes the Project, as all the Heritage Lottery Fund paperwork is now completed.

There are leaflets in the Church for people to take away.  They contain a brief history of the carved stone focusing on the evidence for dating it, complementing the interpretation of the symbols on the display board.

There is also a reference booklet that can be seen in the Church or downloaded as a pdf via the Church website.  The downloads are available in two formats, firstly the complete illustrated version (this may take a couple of minutes to download) and secondly a text-only version to print out.  This has the full background information on: the arrival of Christianity in our area; how reglious stone carving developed locally in the centuries leading up to the Norman Conquest; the history of our tympanum; and details of related carved stones in other local churches.

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Despite some heavy rain earlier in the day, the Pikehall Y-Not festival got off to a dry and bright start yesterday. Although technical problems delayed the opening of the main stage, the large acoustic tent proved to be an ideal venue to house the Friday afternoon/evening line-up. The bands alternated on stage with the scheduled acoustic artists, with an impressively quick turnaround time between each act.

Our small but enthusiastic Parwich posse witnessed a great set of performances from The Moutown Project, Anthea Neads, Esteban, comedian Ruth Cockburn, The Rusticles, Toufique Ali and our clear favourites: the splendid Whiskycats from Manchester.

As the evening sunshine poured into the tent and the crowd thrashed around wildly to an unknown, unsigned band who were clearly loving every minute, the underlying purpose of the festival – to promote undiscovered talent in a relaxed environment, surrounded by beautiful countryside – became gloriously apparent.

To view a full photoset of images from Friday, please click here. Or if you prefer, you can simply start with this image and work your way forwards.

Alternatively, click “Continue Reading” for some selected highlights:


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Congratulations to Janet and Steve for winning the regional (East & West Midlands) heat of the Best Community Pub 2008.  The Sycamore Inn is now in the national final up against eight other regional finalists.  The results will be announced at a black-tie reception at the London Hilton in Park Lane on Thursday 18th of September.

Well done Janet and Steve, you definitely deserve to win this category!

Also congratulations to Ruth and Phil at the Bluebell Inn, Tissington for winning their regional heat and getting to the final for the Best Food Pub category.

It is impressive that two local pubs are through to the finals, especially as the East & West Midlands region, including Derbyshire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire in the north, seems to stretch via the Welsh boarders most of the way to London, including Henley on Thames and Bedford.

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Thanks to Kevin S. for taking these photos yesterday evening, at Pikehall’s latest harness racing event.

As always, please click on each image to enlarge it.


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Parwich pics

As we had some sun over the last day or two, we thought you would appreciate some photographs taken around the green and church this weekend. Click on a picture to enlarge it.


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St Peter’s Church in Parwich saw a good sized congregation to welcome the Bishop of Repton, The Rt. Rev’d Humphrey Southern, who dedicated the Annunciation or ‘Graham’ window and the replica tympanum and turned the first sod for the Garden of Remembrance.

The Service began in the churchyard beside the tympanum.


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Wakes Wheelbarrow Race

Apologies that this has taken a while to get on the website…

Last Thursday’s wheelbarrow race got off to a flying start, with the three ladies teams:

  • Liz Edge and Alison Cooper
  • Sarah Hotchin and Paula Lynham
  • Nicky Leach and Laura Wood.


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Flower Power

Here is Marion F-S’s comment on the Parwich Flower Festival together with some of John’s photos to give you a taste.  Do take the opportunity to go tomorrow afternoon 1pm to 5pm (Sunday 6th June):

I have just come back from the flower festival in the church, completely bowled over by the beautiful displays, the wonderful scent of roses, soothing background music and – of course – the welcoming coffee and delicious home made cakes.

The first surprise is the porch, complete with garden gate and hastily abandoned galoshes – obviously some keen gardener (someone looking for an allotment, perhaps?) has taken it over. They’ve been suddenly called away, but doubtless will soon be back…


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The Ball Race

Deep in the bowels of Carnival Committee Headquarters, fevered brainstorming led to a radical change in location and setup for this year’s ball race. Light, flimsy plastic balls were jettisoned in favour of sturdy tennis balls – Andy Murray no longer needs them! Gone also were the low-tech crates used last year to hold and release the balls. This year’s solution was…….a digger!!!! Never let it be said that the Committee doesn’t think big!


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Our latest roving reporter Nia is back by popular request:

Fast on the heels of Children’s sports night comes another nerve testing night for parents. First we have to start carbo loading the evening meal for 4 days beforehand and on the night it is a fine balance of eating the right sort of food (slow energy release….) at least 2hrs before they set off. Try getting an over excited child to eat at 5pm when all they want to do is practise their sprint starts and elbow barges!

There is now a great entry from the infant class with the girls all having `gentleman’s` agreements to run together. The boys have a slightly more win at all costs approach. The junior class have a good idea of each others’ potential and have their eyes firmly on the opposition. With no money but fabulous trophies and shields going to the top 3 local boys and girls there is a lot at stake.

The starting line up was buzzing with excitement. Surely Alexander D must be 17 by now or he has been down the gym a lot as no 14 yr old should be that tall and long legged! Little girls holding hands and swearing to help each other ascend the big hill. An interesting collection of running clothes was on show. The full well turned out runner look was on full show, the `I’ve just got back from school and I’m not changing` look made a real come back and then there were the carefully put together racing princess outfits.

On the word GO the children surged forward, trampling over each other in the rush to get to the front. Worried parents were already questioning their parenting skills as they watched their offspring whiz down the road and head ever upwards as the rain clouds gathered menacingly overhead(more…)

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In time for (most of) the Flower Festival and the Dedication Service on Sunday, the new information/display board on the Parwich Tympanum arrived this lunchtime (Friday 4th July).  Made by Caliba of Nottingham it has images of the carved stone before the weathering made it difficult to decipher and an explanation of the animal symbols depicted:


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Views from The Hill

The breeze blowing this evening provided a beautifully clear view from The Hill. You could also get a good view of the helicopters which seemed to be practising low level manoevres over the top of the village!

Here are a few photos of this beautiful evening…


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