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We have received the following information on bird flu form the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils via our Parish Council.

Last winter the UK experienced several outbreaks of avian influenza – better known as bird flu – and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is asking for help to share information in local communities. This highly contagious disease affects birds including chickens, ducks and geese, and can be fatal to them, devastating farmers’ livelihoods. It is just as much of a risk to those with a few chickens in a back garden as to commercial farmers and anyone who keeps chickens, ducks or geese. Defra is asking local councils to share their advice on bird flu in their respective communities, for example on noticeboards using their poster, through social media or in newsletters.

Please help spread the word

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Coffee Morning on Friday


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Merry Christmas!


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New Year Resolution for All Dog Owners – pick up your poo!
For the third time in the past week I have picked up and binned other dogs’ faeces on the large cricket pitch when depositing my own dogs’ waste.  I do this on behalf of all other good dog owners who would hate to see another place that dogs are banned from entering just because some people can’t be bothered. Maybe a bin can be placed on the field to make it more enticing to do the right thing?
Dogs are meant to be man’s best friend, but they are regulated more than any other pet in the country! We’ve already been told we can’t use the smaller playing field because it’s for children only, (despite seeing around seven kids play on there in two years.) I’d love it if dogs had a designated play area so we can all be responsible for looking after said area. Instead, I fear, I’ll see a notice on this blog to say dogs are no longer allowed on the cricket pitch either simply because of a handful of people. We are not perfect dog owners ourselves, our dogs are not perfect, but one thing we do do is make sure we pick up their do do’s!
So please, learn to steel your stomachs for this unpleasant task and think of the greater good.
Caroline G

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MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who attended the MacMillan coffee morning yesterday. It was a hugely successful event raising the magnificent sum of £730.

Thank you again to everyone for your generosity.

Sandra and Judith


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MacMillan Coffee Morning


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With the Parish Council meeting on Wednesday discussing feedback received and possible next steps I’m a little concerned that many people may have missed the information posted here on the blog as these posts have now disappeared down the page.

I think it’s worth pointing to the information concerning the proposal and also issues and concerns raised in comments on the blog.

The Council website pages has a comprehensive set of information concerning the plans which can be found here

A number of people have expressed concerns to us and have quoted the Mast Sanity site as a good starting point for researching possible negative consequences of a mast so close to the village. Their information on masts can be found here

Mast Sanity and other research expresses concerns regarding health issues for residents within 400m of a mast. Others such as the Government and the NHS say  there are no health issues.

just for interest, here’s the plan of Parwich with 100metre distances from the proposed mast location that was posted previously in a comment.


In posting this I wish to make clear I am neither endorsing nor opposing the mast plans but merely seeking to make sure residents of the village are aware and can find the relevant information.

Steve J

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