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The Ashbourne News Telegraph have published an article about Ben Laycock (formerly of this parish), who is entering this year’s London Marathon in order to raise funds for Kith & Kids, an Autism charity.

Click here to read the article, and visit to find out more and make a donation.

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Some intriguing tracks have recently been found in the snow at the top of Parwich Hill. They were clearly made by some type of bird, but what could have made them? The tracks suggest a waddling gait, but all of our resident ornithologists were stumped. We therefore sent the photographs to Twycross Zoo, to see if they could help.

The response was instant, and very perplexing. “We recognised them immediately,” said a spokesman from the zoo, “as the marks are identical to those made by our Humboldt Penguins.”

“We have no idea how the penguin got to Parwich. It is certainly not one of ours, as we have counted them and they are all present and correct. As Humboldt penguins are known for burrowing, it is likely that yours has been living on the hill for a while, only making itself known after the recent heavy snowfall.”

“The Humboldt Penguin is a South American penguin, which breeds in coastal Peru and Chile. Its nearest relatives are the African Penguin, the Magellanic Penguin and the Galápagos Penguin. Have any of your residents visited any of these locations recently and perhaps smuggled one back?”

“They are certainly very resourceful birds. Last year, a Humboldt penguin escaped from Tokyo Sea Life Park by scaling the 13 feet high wall and through the fence into Tokyo bay. It then thrived in Tokyo Bay for 82 days before being recaptured.”

Whether our penguin has escaped or been stolen, we will never know. Climate change has been dramatic lately, but perhaps never this dramatic.

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The Blog Team would like to extend its congratulations to our resident satirist Paul Burlinson, who has been invited to appear as a panellist on the next season of BBC1’s Have I Got News For You.

No stranger to the glamour of the television studio – his appearances on Channel 4’s Countdown in 2002 and 2004 have already gone down in broadcasting history – Paul was talent-spotted by HIGNY‘s executive producer, Ria Pollof.

“While taking a mini-break in your beautiful village earlier this year, I stumbled across Weedkiller Weekly, Paul’s wonderfully wry ‘sideways glance’ at events in the news”, says Ria, talking exclusively to PARWICH.ORG.

“We have been looking at ways to bring fresh new talent onto the show, and Paul’s cheeky sense of mischief was just the sort of thing we have been looking for. In this time of stringent budget cuts, we can no longer afford to pay the fees of many of our regular panellists, and as Paul asked for nothing more than a case of Marston’s Pedigree, a catering pack of pickled onions and a signed photograph of Dame Vera Lynn, we were only too happy to welcome him aboard!”

“Some of our production team were a little concerned about Paul’s somewhat provocative sense of humour”, Ria added, “but a top team of legal specialists will be on hand during the recording of the show, ready to intervene if his remarks get a little too close to the bone. We’ve had similar issues with Russell Brand, so forewarned is forearmed!”

Rumours that Paul is scheduled to appear on the same show as his great personal hero, Lord Prescott, could be neither confirmed nor denied as PARWICH.ORG went to press.

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Barbara L writes:

Because of the bad road conditions, Mum had to be taken to Hospital by air ambulance yesterday, as it was impossible to get an ambulance into the village.

I would just like to thank everyone out of the village who helped to get her to the air ambulance which landed in Bells yard. Now it is impossible to get into see her.

I must also say a big thank you to the paramedics who came to her – they were brilliant – and also to the doctor that came out. It had taken him three hours to get here from Belper.

Yesterday’s rescue service was provided by the Derbyshire, Leicester and Rutland Air Ambulance charity (DLRAA). If you would like to make a donation towards the vital work which they do, please visit their website. And if you would like to get involved within the village, Parwich First Responders are still short-staffed and desperately looking for new volunteers. Please ring Sue on 390334 or Patti on 390206.

Our thanks to Chris H for these photos, which show the helicopter landing yesterday.



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Local CAMRA pubs of the Year

The Ashbourne sub-branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have announced their local pubs of the Year with our Sycamore Inn coming first in the rural pub of the year category, and with Smith’s Tavern winning the Ashbourne town pub of the year.

The Ashbourne News Telegraph quote Mark Grist, sub-branch chairman as saying:

Janet Gosling at The Sycamore runs a superb village pub right at the heart of the community, with the village shop inside, as well as finding the time to serve an excellently well-kept range of Robinson’s ales.

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We were chuffed to see that the mighty Derby Telegraph picked up on our igloo-building story from last week. Click on this link to see the story online.

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BBC One to pay us a visit?

Word has it that a TV crew from BBC One’s Inside Out for the East Midlands may be paying a visit to Parwich and Alsop on Sunday, to find out how we are coping with the current weather conditions. The show airs at 7.30pm on Mondays.

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At around 15:00 on January 1st 2013, PARWICH.ORG notched up its millionth page view. Here’s to the next million!

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Power cut

Commiserations to the Parwich households who have been affected by today’s power cut, which struck around lunch time. Repairs are currently taking place, with the aim of restoring power in time for Christmas Day.

Sadly, the lack of electricity means that Chris Hoolie will be unable to perform at the Legion tonight. However, the Legion is staying open: powered by candle light, and looking very picturesque with it! Meanwhile, The Sycamore still has full power.

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Missing Ram Returns

The missing ram Gary (or is it Bary?) was spotted this afternoon by Joanne J. Although somewhat taken aback by the size of the tup, this intrepid detective secured him in the garden of Hallcliffe until Sandra C was able to attend the identity parade. He has now been taken back into custody.

Asked for an explanation of events Bary (or is it Gary?), replied with a sheepish “no comment”. It was noted however that whatever he had been tup to over the last few days had left him somewhat lame. Is he pulling the wool over our eyes or do ewe know where he has been?

Sandra would like to thank Joanne, Paul and Caroline for their help.

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Plans for the Pavillion

We have received the following message from Paul and Evie Burlinson:


Evie & I would like to put everybody in the picture regarding our intentions for the cricket pavilion. We are hoping to operate a small cafe / tea room at specified times during the summer months this being subject to raising the necessary finance to install a toilet & washbasin which is a legal requirement. As there is no drainage to this area this would necessitate the installation of a septic tank at an estimated all in cost of £2,200. The tennis club have offered an extremely generous amount towards these costs and Emma Spence has very kindly pledged a donation. At present Rob Clarke and myself are striving to remedy flood damage to the kitchen and also carry out new internal decoration (costs up to now have reached £200.00 for materials alone). In addition, there is no hot water and we need a new cooker and catering equipment.

So, ‘why bother’ you might ask… Well, we feel that the pavilion is a valuable asset to the village and its inhabitants and that our project will be of beneficial interest and value to our community. In order to achieve our goal we need some help! We would gladly appreciate any assistance (financial or practical) that you may have to offer. [Please note, we are not intending to feather our nests by any stretch of the imagination but we believe that this project will regenerate what is currently an underused area of our lovely village and maybe even rekindle interest within the cricketing fraternity and more – who knows?!!]

If you are able and willing to help, please call in at the Green, contact us on 488, or speak to Rob or Emma.”

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To read more about the theft, which took place in the early hours of this morning (Thursday), please click on the following items:

Ashbourne News Telegraph: Ashbourne’s market stalls stolen.

BBC News: Ashbourne has entire market stolen by thieves.

Derbyshire Dales District Council: Ashbourne market hit by depot break-in.

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Escape to the Country

Rumour has it that the BBC programme Escape to the Country is in Parwich today.  Apparently Fernlea is to feature as the ‘mystery house’ in a new episode to be broadcast in October.

Certainly it will get the property good coverage.

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Spotted in the news: an informative write-up of the Hill Race in the Ripley & Heanor News, and a curious tale of painted sheep in the Stunner, furnished with quotes from Parwich’s Ben Chadfield.

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Congratulations to John and Marion F-S, who have been awarded a Peak District Environmental Quality Mark for Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn.

Click here for the full news story, and click here for Marion’s report of the awards ceremony on the Tom’s Barn blog.

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Pilates for Parwich

In this week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph, there’s a feature on the work of “Parwich Fit 4 All”. Here’s a copy of their original press release.

Parwich Fit 4 All are celebrating a grant of £500 from the John Weston Fund, administered by Derbyshire Community Foundation, to help subsidise Pilates exercise classes in the village.

For many years there has been a self-funding adult Pilates class and the participants were keen to extend the benefits to the younger and older residents of the village. Parwich Fit 4 All was established last year to apply for funding to subsidise classes for 11-18 year olds and Over 60’s. 

Initial donations came from the Parwich and District Horticultural Society, Parwich United Charities and a grant from the Derbyshire Dales CVS Health Development Fund. The John Weston grant, together with a private donation, will enable the classes to run for the rest of the year. 

The teachers are both trained by the Pilates Foundation UK. Georgie Barnes, who teaches the teenagers, specialises in equine and sports specific Pilates. ‘ I really enjoy teaching the kids Pilates, helping them to obtain better propreception and core stability, relating to their specific sports’ Georgie says. 

Tricia Durdey, the Over 60’s teacher, runs classes in Ashbourne and Wirksworth and has considerable experience of teaching older people and running ‘Falls prevention’ classes. She says ‘I love working with my group of women. They are so enthusiastic and work very hard to improve strength, posture and fitness. I noticed a difference after only a month of working together. I know many of them feel the benefits too – from increased mobility, physical confidence and balance, to diminishing ‘bingo wings’!

 After their class, the Over 60’s enjoy a chat over tea and cake provided by Val Kirkham of Catering4Parwich.

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A group of Belgian bikers – members of the Belgian BMW Club – paid a fleeting visit to Parwich as part of their Midlands and North Wales 2011 tour.

Nearly forty enthusiasts from Flanders, on more than twenty motor bikes, took a look at the village and church.

Pictured are some of them posing outside St Peter’s Church on Sunday morning, while vicar Andy Larkin led Matins.

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News from our MEP

Bill Newton Dunn our MEP has sent in an update about what is happening in the European Parliament.  Although this is news from outside our area, he is our local MEP and some of you might like to read about what he is doing. (more…)

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Delightful News!

We are thrilled to report that Janet had a little baby girl just before 11.00am on Sunday morning!

Both mother and baby are doing well. When Steve returns from the DRI we’ll try and bring you further details of this wonderful Easter birth.

Update: Her name is Rosie, and she weighed in at 7 pounds and 4 ounces.

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A very special visit.

UPDATE: We hope you enjoyed this April Fool’s post. Needless to say, not a word of it is true!

PARWICH.ORG is delighted to announce some very exciting news for the village. The Prince William and his new wife, Catherine, are planning to spend some time in Parwich as part of their honeymoon tour of the UK. Although the exact date is still being kept as a strict state secret, we can confirm that they will be staying at Tom’s Barn for two nights in the spring.

In order to provide the happy couple with maximum privacy during their stay, residents of Monsdale Lane will be asked to vacate their homes for the duration of the royal visit. However, special four-poster camp beds will be provided in the Memorial Hall for all those affected.

To mark the event, a “red white and blue” Royal Wedding tulip has been specially bred and bulbs have already been secretly planted along Monsdale Lane. Fingers crossed that they will be at their peak, to coincide with the royal visit.

Additionally, some of the village twitchers have been secretly training our small population of Jenkins Thrushes to incorporate parts of the National Anthem into their song.

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Readers of PARWICH.ORG may be interested in the appointment of Julian Marsh as Professor of Architecture at Sheffield Hallam University.

Working two days a week, he will be responsible for research into sustainable architecture. He will continue in practice in Nottingham.

Julian was responsible for designing the exterior elevations of Parwich Memorial Hall and the refurbishment of the Paxton Theatre within the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton.

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Our village website has just passed a historic milestone today. This blog, set up to serve a few hundred people in and around Parwich, has just received half a million visits.

The site has been extraordinarily successful since it was officially launched in March 2008. The blog plays an important role in keeping the community informed and provides an effective means of holding a collective dialogue. We are regularly cited as one of the most successful ‘hyperlocal‘ websites in the country, and we are held up as an example of what local communities can achieve when they harness the power of the internet.

On average last year, we received 545 page views per day. These visits come from people who live locally and want to know what’s going on; they come from from people who used to live here and like to keep a connection to the area; they come from people as far afield as the USA and Australia, who have historical connections and want to find out more.

So here are some more statistics…

Our most popular month was January 2010, when 72 notices were posted and almost 26,000 page views were recorded. Subjects ranged that month from make-up workshops, through Austrian dinner evenings to a lament that the fish and chip van hadn’t turned up!

Our most popular day was June 30th 2010, when 2003 visitors clicked on the site. The main interest that day was the Hill Race. Many pictures of the contestants were posted and there was great interest in this record of the races.

They say the best form of flattery is imitation. We were particularly chuffed therefore that the creators of that long-running BBC institution – The Archers – have used as an input to create their own village website  – click here to see just how similar it is! What’s more,  Archers scriptwriter Keri Davis dips in to to get ideas.

I’ve been popping into for quite a while as an Archers scriptwriter, often drawing on it for little village details. So yes, it was a big influence when we were setting up the Ambridge site.

Most of all, we’d would like to thank you for your support and active participation on the website. It’s a cliché, but without you, the whole thing would not work at all! Please keep your information and ideas rolling in….we’ve only just begun……

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Himalaya Walk In Support Of WOW

We have received the following message from Sue H:

Last February some of you attended a coffee morning with a craft and plant sale. I was helping my friend Carol raise over £3,000 for the charity Wellbeing Of Women by doing a sponsored walk in the Himalayas. (I stress that she covered her own flight and other expenses in addition).

She was scheduled to do this walk in April, but the volcanic ash cloud caused a rethink! She was so disappointed, only finding out the day she was due to fly out. Luckily the whole thing was reorganised for October and I’ve had this fantastic account from Carol, which she is happy for me to put on the blog.

Not only did Carol raise this incredible amount for WOW, she also achieved an amazing feat by doing this trek – I know she feels the cold from camping together in England!

Click here to download Carol’s account. (It may take a while to download).

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John H writes:

I’ve just been informed that the Over Sixties Group Carol Service planned for Thursday has just been cancelled.

Several of the groups have advised that they will not be coming because of the weather, and the current lack of parking space in the village due to the lying piles of snow has made continuing with the event unadvisable.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Gill H writes:

We have decided to cancel today’s Toddler Group Session due to the weather conditions. An extra session has been booked for Monday 2-4pm when we will be making Xmas decorations.

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School closed on Friday.

Due to the continuing adverse weather conditions and hazardous roads, school will be closed on Friday 3rd December.
We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning.

Thank you
Caroline Rodgers
Parwich Primary School

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Due to the adverse weather conditions, school will be closed on Thursday 2nd December. The school hopes to reopen on Friday 3rd December.

This information will also be announced on Radio Derby and Ashbourne Radio.

A full comprehensive list of all school/college closures is available on the BBC Derby site.

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Hares in the Derbyshire Dales

This post is perhaps not strictly with the remit of but I am sure most people gain great pleasure from seeing the hares in our area, and may be interested in this book, published today.  If anyone has seen it do post your reaction in a comment.  Information on the book is contained in the following Peak Park press release: (more…)

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Parwichian in today’s Daily Telegraph.

Telegraph readers might be interested to know that there is a feature on Kevin S’s company Petscreen on page B6 of today’s business section, complete with a colour photo.

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Demotion or promotion for Parwich band?

This week’s Stunner has a couple of Parwich references; on p.5 there is a photograph of Janet behind the bar, accompanying an article on the 2011 Good Beer Guide which includes an entry on the Sycamore Inn.

Also on p.7 there is a short article about this Saturday’s official opening of the new Memorial Hall, including a concert by the B52s.  Does this mean that the Highways Agency has down graded the band, or have they changed their name to fit in with the Memorial aspect of the Hall?

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Thanks to Graham J for the following bulletin. If you have more news to share on this incident, please let us know via comments or email.

As at 08:30 this morning a tree has fallen across The Dale road between Parwich and A515 in the wood below Upper Moor Farm. It has fallen across the road and is suspended at head height by a telephone wire. It looks very dangerous, and is quite hard to see in this morning’s light. The police have been informed, but please be very careful. It doesn’t look sensible to try to drive under it, and certainly if you’re in a wagon you couldn’t get through.

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This week’s stunner

Since we have stopped doing a regular feature on the Ashbourne News Telegraph, they have altered how they put out their e-edition.  You can still see it on-line but you have to subscribe (55p per edition or £20 for a year, click here for more details).  Some of the articles are still posted for free access on their main news page.  And you can always get a paper copy from Janet in the Pub for 55p.

Though we have stopped doing the weekly post it is still our intention to point out any articles of local interest, and there are several photographs of familiar faces in this week’s edition:

  • p. 5 A feature on Ian Pitts metal detecting survey of Parwich and Alsop. (Click here to see the photo of Ian.)
  • p. 5 An article on the Parwich Panoramic Five fell race
  • p. 21 An excellent photo of The A52s performing at the Ashbourne Breast Cancer Walk at Carsington Water.

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Yesterday the East Midlands Development Agency issued a press release about grants that rural communities and businesses can bid for to support “in upgrading existing Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) infrastructure, and enable the early use of next generation solutions”. For the full press release (more…)

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When there’s snow way through…

For those of you thinking things had gone quiet on the local superhero front, here’s a shot from our roving reporter in Alaska.

Following several weeks of practice this winter on Parwich Pond, our turbo-talented trucker Roberto Buntingo decided to help out the hapless lorry drivers who get themselves into trouble on the frozen lakes above the Arctic Circle.

Roberto hates to see late deliveries and normally finds a way to make it through. The people of Anchorage will receive their consignment of speedos after all!

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On page 13 of this week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph, there’s a splendid half-page advertisement feature dedicated to this weekend’s Parwich Open Gardens, and to the Wakes Week activities which commence at the end of the month. Containing a full preview of the forthcoming activities, and accompanied by quotes from various Parwichians, it’s well worth reading. Copies are available from the shop, or you can read the e-edition by following this link.

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Hole in the new car park.

In case anyone is wondering why there is suddenly a hole in the new Memorial Hall car park, it appears that pressure to the heating system had dropped, and engineers from Eco vision have traced it to a possible leak to one of the bore holes.

More tests are to be carried out, but meanwhile the system will still work on three bore holes.

– Patti B.

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Late night crash

We understand that a single vehicle was involved in a collision with a wall in the centre of the village last night.

Our particular commiserations to the owner of the wall as she has only just got rid of the builders who had been working on the property almost continuously since the flooding and as this is the second time recently the wall has been hit.

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This week’s Stunner.

It’s time once again for our round-up of stories from this week’s Ashbourne News Telegraph. Click here to read the whole paper online. Good old-fashioned “dead tree” copies are also available from Janet in the Sycamore shop.

Page 3:Landslip road reopens.” A report on the welcome re-opening of the B5056. £750,000 has been spent on repairing the damage caused by the two landslips near the Bentley Brook Inn and Horsley Wood Farm, along with a number of other improvements.

Page 2:Big names on the way to Waterside Park.” Ashbourne’s growing out-of-town retail park has received more applications, including one from Majestic Wines.

Page 17: “Restauarant boss says things are looking up.” One for the foodies: at the end of a piece on the rising fortunes of Ashbourne’s excellent Dining Room, it is revealed that chef Peter Dale has been invited to “work a stint” at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant. Could snail porridge be coming to Ashbourne yet?

Page 20: “Sneaking a peek at your new hospital.” A full page article on Ashbourne’s £20 million new hospital and health centre, which is set to open months ahead of schedule.

Finally, there is a lengthy, detailed, multi-page supplement, including a wall chart, on the forthcoming World Cup.

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Today’s Stunner

The Ashbourne News Telegraph is available at the Sycamore or on-line.  To see today’s issue on-line click on the image of the front page.

So far I have only spotted one local reference: a photo of Ruby Hickmott (on page 9) whose studio will open this Bank Holiday as part the Derbyshire Open Arts Event.

As always let us know in a comment anything we have missed.

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The Stunner

If you want to read the Ashbourne News Telegraph then you can buy it at The Sycamore or read it online.

P7.  A lovely photograph of the concert held in Parwich Church which raised £300+ towards repairing the Church bells.  70 people flocked to see Essential Brass and Pipes in the Peaks Organist.  The next concert will be on 10th July with the De Parys Trio – violin, guitar & flute.

p.7.  Cullen Hall Open Gardens and Plant Fair raised £5,700 for the Derbyshire Dales mobile physio unit, more than 1,100 visited – most of the plants sold out.

p24/25 – Centre page spread of Tissington Well Dressings, with two local faces featured – Andy Larkin & Andrew Robinson.  Tim Morris, Parwich Methodists, blessed Town Well.

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